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Dating time to engagement

Meghan finally gave us a glimpse while on the show @darylsabara thank you for supporting me with this crazy new adventure.

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In the past, the groom's mother might not take part in the procession as a sign that she would not be a threat to the future bride; she would even "hide" for a short period upon the bride's welcoming to the groom's home. The number of people participating in the groom's procession varies but is usually restricted to a smaller number (20 or so) to make it easier on the bride's family, which must receive all the guests.

In the procession, the groom, his family and friends bear elaborately decorated lacquer boxes, covered in red cloth.

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The groom presents his gifts to the bride's family, and he is given permission to greet the bride, who is finally brought out.In the past, most marriages were arranged by the parents or extended family, and while children were sometimes consulted, it was nearly always the parents' final decision.It was not unusual for the bride and groom to meet for the first time at the day of their engagement.This gown is preferably in red or pink, and the bride usually wears a khăn đóng headdress.The groom wears a simpler male equivalent of the dress, often in the color blue.The permission ceremony begins in front of the bride's ancestor altar.The bride and groom burn incense sticks, asking for permission from the ancestors to bless them.At the end of the ceremonies, there is a wedding reception for the two families and guests.Before the wedding day, the groom's family would make a trip to the bride's home with a gift of betel nuts to officially ask permission to receive the bride.These dresses were modeled after the Áo mệnh phụ (royal Áo dài) of Nguyễn Dynasty court ladies.The style of the Nguyễn Dynasty has remained popular and is still used in current-day Vietnamese wedding attire.


  1. Courtship is the period of development towards an intimate relationship wherein people usually a couple get to know each other and decide if there will be an.

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