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According to Scientologist doctrine, the development of the E-meter enabled auditing techniques and made it more precise. The E-meter is believed to aid the auditor in locating subliminal memories ("engrams", "incidents", and "implants") of past events in a thetan's current life and in previous ones.Later, the E-meter was used to identify which processes should (and could) be run and equally crucially, to determine when to stop running a particular action. In such Scientology publications as Have You Lived Before This Life, Hubbard wrote about past life experiences dating back billions and even trillions of years.The recalling and expression of old hurts in response to the auditor's questions may feel like an unburdening, followed by a period of elation, as though a weight has been lifted off the practitioner's shoulders.Scientology makes a distinction between auditors, those who practice auditing, and publics, those who receive the ritual practice but do not receive training to perform the practice on others.

This intent led to the development of the Standard Operating Procedure for Theta Clearing by 1952.

In 1970, the Standard Operating Procedure was used to create the Classification and Gradation Chart.

This chart, first published in 1965 and revised in 1966, 19, had the steps of the bridge plotted out from a beginner at the bottom to the highest states attainable at the top.

Ron Hubbard explained: Charge is that which prevents the pc from thinking on a subject. The main intention of an auditing session is to remove “charted incidents” that have caused trauma, which are believed in Scientology to be stored in the reactive mind.

Prevents him from thinking on a subject or getting rid of a subject or approaching a subject. These incidents must then be eliminated for proper functioning, in accordance with the Church’s belief. Urban, both current Scientologists and people who have become disaffected with Scientology generally agree that auditing can trigger personal insights and cause dramatic changes in one's psychological state.


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