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A much deeper and more powerful version of Holosync can be found in Centerpointe’s ongoing program. You will receive minimal benefit if you merely play a Paraliminal in the background. Therein lies its power and the reason it will provide you with breakthrough results. Using Holosync creates new neural pathways between the left and right brain hemispheres. have been embedded in the recording to increase your ability to benefit and learn from this Paraliminal session. USING YOUR PARALIMINAL Paraliminals are the easiest. deal with the matter.17 • Set your purpose for listening. On some Paraliminal recordings you will be asked questions to help you focus on the benefit you desire. You will not be known as a One Hit Wonder, because you will have success strategies wired into your brain to achieve one success after another. You will be asked to do things considerably differently from how you may be doing them now.

Learning Strategies Corporation Discover your vast potential and rich internal resources 2000 Plymouth Road Minnetonka, Minnesota 55305-2335 USA Toll-Free 1-888-800-2688 • 1-952-767-9800 • Fax 1-952-475-2373 [email protected] Experience this session with all of your inner senses. This method for releasing negative energy was developed by Stanford University graduate and ordained minister Gary Craig and is based on the findings of Dr. I deeply and completely love and appreciate myself. Do you feel a neutralizing of your limiting emotions? replace the limiting words and phrases with positive ones: Abundant supply. It provides a great refresher for people who have previously learned or studied the language.

etc.13 Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth. For more information about this program and how Holosync can accelerate mental. Choose an environment relatively free from distractions. Rescue yourself from feeling overwhelmed, burned out, disengaged, or out of control with Bernie Saunders and Paul Scheele's Boundless Renewal.

Use the Paraliminal sleep learning feature as often as you would like. Boundless Renewal: Embrace the Power of Reflection to Rejuvenate, Attract, and Achieve Don't let the speed of life get the best of you.

and behaviors that will ultimately resolve financial challenges. “Even though I ­­­­­­____________________.9 Releasing Limiting Emotions Consider using the Emotional Freedom Technique in conjunction with this Paraliminal to help you expose and release any limiting emotions you have around money.” For example. First identify an area of concern or issue you have about money. They have called this practice Qigong (pronounced "Chee-Gong").

this Paraliminal session can help you become more open to receiving it in good times as well as bad. more and more people doubt their ability to make money. Chunyi Lin, a Qigong master with over 20 years experience, has demystified this ancient practice and made it practical for today.


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