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Difference between accommodating and compromising

Some denominations are so spiritually corrupt that we cannot join with them in any cooperative sense without tarnishing the name of our Savior.

“Love” that compromises cardinal truth is not biblical love.

Jehoshaphat’s prayer before the assembly (20:6-12) reveals his humble trust in the Lord.

(If you’re already married to an unbeliever, God’s will is that you remain married and live a godly life--1 Cor. ” Suffice it to say here that the Bible is a bit more cautious and discerning than most Christians. How do you think Jehoshaphat felt as he watched this godly prophet boldly speak for God and then get hit in the face and get thrown in prison while Jehoshaphat marched off to battle on Ahab’s side?On the other hand, a man oozing with love and compassion can err by tolerating everything and everyone, thus compromising God’s truth.The latter error seems to me to be the more common danger in the church.But just as driving your car on salted roads in the winter brings inevitable, although not immediate, damage to your car, so compromise with the world brings inevitable corruption into your life and into the church. He took great pride in the ways of the Lord and removed idols from the land.Four observations from the story of Jehoshaphat: Clearly Jehoshaphat was a godly man (note 2 Chron. He sent out teachers to instruct the people in God’s law (17:7-9).“Do not be bound together with unbelievers” (2 Cor. Besides, if she drops him, she won’t be able to witness to him!It’s incredible how Christians will rationalize their disobedience even though it’s going to plunge them into terrible heartache!When a prophet rebuked him for his wrongful alliance with Ahab, unlike his father (), Jehoshaphat accepted it and went on to institute further religious reforms (19:2-11).In chapter 20 we see his heart as the nation is threatened by a vast army, and he calls the people to prayer and fasting.The first thing we read of Jehoshaphat (17:1-2) is how he strengthened his position over Israel (Ahab’s northern kingdom). Maybe the boy would have a positive influence on Athaliah and her mother, Jezebel! A few years later, Jehoshaphat went down to Ahab’s capital, Samaria. After they had gorged themselves on Ahab’s food, the crafty varmint proposed a “spiritual” project to Jehoshaphat: “Will you go up with me against Ramoth-Gilead? Ramoth-Gilead was one of the cities of refuge ordained by God. What could be more right than to go against this pagan king to recapture this city for the Lord and His people? You’ll become a thief and a liar to support your habit, you’ll ruin your health, you won’t be able to hold down a job, you’ll shred your relationships with your family. ” Instead he says, “Hey, you need to relax and feel good. And so he stood by while the godly prophet was hauled off to jail.Later we read of his valiant army and fortified cities (-19). If Ahab had declared war, Jehoshaphat would have creamed him! And he probably thought how good it would be to reunite the southern and northern kingdoms. His conscience must have been shouting at this point, but he had given his word! ) he naively agreed to Ahab’s scheme where Jehoshaphat would wear his kingly robes into battle, while Ahab went incognito. When they start running with the world, they get outsmarted real quick!


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  2. It falls intermediate between competing and accommodating. compromising might mean splitting the difference between the two positions.

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  5. Accommodating. Value of own issue. Compromising maintains the relationship and can take less. It is helpful to learn to recognize the difference between person.

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