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Dj ashba dating anyone

I've been here a long time and posters have always regarded that marriage as a sham, especially after Whitney's mother came out with that whole 'I rather have a coke addict daughter then a lesbian daughter' quote.Whitney might as well just get over it and find herself a women and maybe she just won't die of an overdose.Then the bad plastic surgery put an end to that.[quote]Sadly Rupert Everett was delusional thinking he had a major career.I think you have to have an ambition (= aim high) to reach certain goals.So if H5O is a hit, do you think CBS will "in" Scott Caan?

Came out earlier this week on one of the UK daytimes. Sometimes I think that it's the crazy fangurls that keep the actors and actresses hiding in their closets. all the girls were sad and upset all the boys were so happy they jumped around the place.

Then the pap pictures of them getting cozy in that alley and in France came out and there were still some naysayers (though I think they were mostly straight men, as the naysaying was of the 'oh, she's too pretty to be gay' variety)Didn't matter anyway, as she came out a short time later.

And there are still some idiotic straight men who don't think she's gay.

R88 sadly Rupert Everett was delusional thinking he had a major career.

A few period movies, none of which were box office hits, is not a career. He became B list, thanks to the press that his friendships with Madonna and Julia Roberts generated.


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