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Dns not updating from dhcp server 2016 r2

If this is a good idea, how do we go about configuring settings so clients register their records automatically and DHCP servers no longer participate in this function?Error 31, DNS Update Failed – Seen this one before? The place to look for logs is: C:\Windows\System32\dhcp, check yours out and see if you have any error 31’s.Then check the Security tab on the Reverse Zone and make sure that group is authorized to create all child objects (DNS records) 2) If your statically-configured hosts are not updating the reverse zone, make sure their NICs are configured to register their IP in DNS (Windows hosts are enabled for this by default).If they are in the forward zone but not the reverse, then something else is going on...3) If the issue is that your reverse zones are mismatched between domain controllers (meaning a host was able to register with one of the DCs, but the registration did not get replicated to the others) it could mean the zones themselves aren't replicating between domain controllers.Make sure the reverse zone is AD-Integrated and also check the Zone Transfers tab and make sure they are allowed (generally Only to servers listed on the Name Servers tab).If only the client registers its own DNS record, shouldn't it update immediately after it picks up a new IP address and overwrite the old record on the spot?Are there any issues with only clients registering in DNS for themselves?

On the DNS tab enable DNS dynamic updates and set to "Always dynamically update..." Also enable Dynamic Update for clients that do not request updates.

We have an issue of outdated DNS records due to DNS records not updating promptly when a client gets a new IP address from one of the split scope DHCP servers.

The IP address changes if a workstation renews it's lease to a different DHCP server and the old DNS record doesn't get overwritten until DNS scavenging runs days later.

The bit you are interested in here is the Listen Addresses, the image above is from a site where I have corrected this issue already.

On an uncorrected system you would see the following: Listen Addresses: If you have more than one server, the IP addresses are separated by a space.


  1. This was not an issue when I first built the server so I'm not sure why it is now. I have dynamic updates enabled inside DHCP with the option set.

  2. Windows 2008 R2 Server. The DHCP and DNS are on the same box which is also the primary DC. DHCP not updating DNS?

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