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Dolphin dating script

Hover your mouse over the Import button in the Able Dating and Able Space Administration Menus and select the Import Dolphin sub-section.Directory With Photos - Enter the directory of the dating member images into this field.It is a self-hosted application that uses PHP and My SQL under the GPL license.This open source tool was originally designed based on the online dating script "ae Dating" to work on UNIX-based systems but is now updated by Boonex to run even on Windows-based Web servers.Both Able Space 1.0 Community Script and Able Dating 2.4 Dating Software run on databases with content, media and settings.All PHP Dating Software like php Fox, ae Dating and Dolphin run on databases as well.This will allow you to change the engine, without having to start from scratch.

The database will be uploaded to the Able Dating Dating Software or Able Space Community Script hosting server.not being able to save the old content, and more importantly old member profiles.Able Dating 2.4 Dating Script and Able Space 1.0 Social Network Builder have a database import feature which allows you to import your old media and user profile (including passwords) databases.This means that you can instantly import your database without fear of losing any data from your previous php Fox or Dolphin powered websites.You can import your old Dolphin Dating Software Database in a few minutes (depending on the database size).For example, if your old folder containing Dolphin dating script Member Photos is called mem_photos, upload it and all the contents to your running Able Dating or Able Space server, and type in mem_photos into this Directory With Photos field. Media Table - Enter the name of the media table from your old Dolphin dating script database. This table contains the media information from your old dating site.User Table - profiles is usually the default name for the User Table, which contains the relevant entries with profile data for each and every dating website member.It is important to make sure that each database (listed above) contains the following necessary tables for the database rebuild process to run smoothly: Database - Table(s): Users user; Gallery main; Blogs journal, comment; Mail mail; Groups group_name, group_main, group_gallery, group_member, group_forum; Events events, event_invite.IMPORTANT: To avoid damaging Able Dating 2.4 and Able Space 1.0 dating database structures, please request the assistance of ABK-Softs Technical Support Teams.Truncate - Some database entries can be too long for Able Dating and Able Space PHP community scripts to import. Check this box to avoid truncation and incompatibility issues.Start - Hit this button to start the importing process.


  1. This is exactly why a business might choose Boonex Dolphin. This open source tool was originally designed based on the online dating script "aeDating" to work.

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