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Nomination deadline Student: When you receive official confirmation of acceptance from us, please, read carefully the information for the accepted students.

For clinical studies three years of medical studies are usually required and for clinical practice you should have completed at least the theoretical studies about the specialities applied before arrival.Upon application we need to know the clinic/clinics you are interested in.The minimum period for exchange is two months and for each unit 4 weeks.The suggested minimum period of exchange is three months and for ERASMUS training two months.Application deadlines 30 April for autumn semester (September - December) or full academic year (September - May) studies 30 September for spring semester (January - May) studies Please note that it is not possible to apply after the deadlines!Please, note that these places are applied through the official exchange processes by the University, not via the University Hospital.Please, also note that these exchange students are not allowed to attend the regular study courses at the University.Because of this we have an English program for exchange students. The course list differs slightly each study year depending on the departments joining the exchange program.*) https://fi/weboodi/ (In addition to browsing the basic curriculum, you can browse information on courses for excange students without logging.If you are interested in training exchange, please check the possibility to apply for training first from your home university, and then contact international.kuopio(at)Please note that at this moment we are not able to accept applicants due to the increased amount of incoming finnish students.For few years time preference is given to applicants from our partner universities.


  1. In your application, please make a clear reference to the evaluation criteria and describe the extent. For the better preparation of your nomination, we.

  2. We use SoleMOVE online application system for incoming exchange/double degree students. We kindly ask you to fill in the requested information and.

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