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Select: Instruction/Courses – Course catalogues – Faculty of Health Sciences – School of Medicine – Medicine for exchange students) Courses for the study year 2017 - 2018: (Only spring term available) -year students only) February 2018 4411944 Anesthesiology and intensive care (3 ECTS) 28.02- 4424450 Pediatrics (14 ECTS) 27.02 - 12.5.2018 4218527 Pharmacology for Exchange Students (8 ECTS) (February-May 2018, dates will be confirmed later) Students who start their exchange at the University of Eastern Finland already in September are invited to join in the orientation week organized in the beginning of the month. International health care workers and students - health examination Clinical practice All medical students who wish to have some practical training at the Kuopio University Hospital (even those applying for ERASMUS Training) are taken only through the official exchange programs and processes organized by the University.Unfortunately, due to the increase in the total amount of students at the University Hospital, freemovers are currently not accepted.The main principal for being eligible to apply is that you should have completed at least the first year of university level studies.For clinical studies three years of medical studies are usually required and for clinical practice you should have completed at least the theoretical studies about the specialities applied before arrival.If you are interested in training exchange, please check the possibility to apply for training first from your home university, and then contact international.kuopio(at)Please note that at this moment we are not able to accept applicants due to the increased amount of incoming finnish students.For few years time preference is given to applicants from our partner universities.Upon application we need to know the clinic/clinics you are interested in.The minimum period for exchange is two months and for each unit 4 weeks.

The study place can be withdrawn, if the applicant has given false information about his/her qualifications.

Application steps International officer: Only the international office can nominate students to XAMK.

If you don’t have the login to your nomination account, you can request it here.

The specialties available in surgery are: - Orthopedics - Traumatology - Cardiac surgery - Abdominal surgery (colorectal surgery and upper G-I surgery, different wards) - Vascular surgery - Pediatric surgery - Urology - Plastic surgery Step 1 First, please, contact the International Office at your home university to find out if there is an exchange agreement (e.g.

Erasmus, FIRST, Nordplus/Nordlys, North‐South‐South, Bilateral Agreement) between the University of Eastern Finland and your home university.


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