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Elucidating structure

Working with a student, Raymond Gosling, Franklin was able to get two sets of high-resolution photos of crystallized DNA fibers.

She used two different fibers of DNA, one more highly hydrated than the other.

DNA was first crystallized in the late 70's — remember, the 1953 X-ray data were from DNA fibers.

Her father actively discouraged her interest since it was very difficult for women to have such a career. Franklin entered Cambridge University in 1938 to study chemistry. CURA was a young organization and there was less formality on the way research had to be done.

When she graduated, Franklin was awarded a research scholarship to do graduate work. Franklin worked fairly independently, a situation that suited her.

The data confirmed the 3-D structure that Watson and Crick had theorized for DNA.

In 1953, both Wilkins and Franklin published papers on their X-ray data in the same Nature issue with Watson and Crick's paper on the structure of DNA.


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