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My favourite roles of hers are a three-way tie between Saber, Celty Sturluson and Haruko Haruhara, I don't know which one I love the most because all of those performances and characters were excellent.

And of course I also loved her performances as Emma Frost, Enchantress, Invisible Woman, Gwen Stacy, Maria Hill, Fuu, Saya Otonashi, Diva, Anemone, Karina Lyle/Blue Rose, Charmcaster, Phosphora, Dark Lord Gaol, Marianne vi Britannia, Michiru Satomi, Luca, Mika Asagi, Kyoko Milchan, Shandra Jimenez, Joan Grody, Jessica, Wonder Woman, Carol Ferris and Arcee (as brief as that was, seriously she needs to take another whack at the role).

Happy Birthday Kari Wahlgren, still my all time favourite voice actress. She has done an Incredible job on providing voice over work on several different iconic characters in Original Animation, Video games, and Anime for over a decade.

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The best of her roles so far are Emma Frost, Haruko, Saber, and Charmcaster, and she excellent as Darl Lord Gaol, Fuu(both of them), Wonder Green, Nova, Suzy, Abbey Grey, Jeane, Tigress, Jeera, Ellie, Karin Lyle, and [email protected] And I'm dead certain it's not her.Good luck for more voice over work to come, and happy birthday. I think my other favorite is her as Shellsea from Fish Hooks.;)Watching The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chan and Durarara 2x right now and showing a friend Fate/Zero. And basically all the other actors from those shows, alot of reused voice actors. It's such an off the wall character for her and she nailed it.All those sites that supposedly confirm her are user-submitted and/or unreliable.These are the same places that claim Chris Sabat voiced Deng Ai despite his saying that it wasn't him.I also hope she gets another role in the Transformers franchise someday soon.I also really loved her work on The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya as Tsuruya (especially with that laugh of hers) and Kyon's Sister too.I think it's great that she's been in a lot of anime this year.I hope this is a sign that more unionized dubs are coming in the near future, Kari's involvement is always a plus in my books.She also did a great job as Starfire in Justice League vs Teen Titans, being one of the better voices in that movie, not surprising since she's a veteran VA while most of the other actors in the cast were novices in voice acting.and of course it was great hearing her reprise as Saber and Celty all throughout last year.


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