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Tento článek není dostatečně ozdrojován a může tedy obsahovat informace, které je třeba ověřit.

Jste-li s popisovaným předmětem seznámeni, pomozte doložit uvedená tvrzení doplněním referencí na věrohodné zdroje.

On March 21, 2012, the site moved to a Swedish domain name, at encyclopediadramatica.se, instead of a domain in Switzerland as before.

The site's Facebook account later addressed the block, stating that it was because "we didn't keep up our end of the user agreement contract stating that we had to keep a mailing address and phone number in Switzerland." I'm not going to leave a 14 year old girl's address up on a page cause some dipshit got mad at her and made an article.

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In March 2010, it was reported that the Australian Human Rights Commission had notified the site by e-mail that according to Australian law, the article Aboriginal could be in breach of Sections 18C and 18D of its RDA.Launched on December 10, 2004, it lampoons encyclopedia topics and current events, especially those related or relevant to contemporary Internet culture.It often serves as a repository of information and a means of discussion for the internet subculture known as Anonymous.The website received mainstream media attention after Jason Fortuny used Encyclopædia Dramatica to post photographs, e-mails and phone numbers from 176 responses to a Craigslist advertisement he posted in 2006, in which he posed as a woman seeking sexual encounters with dominant men.emailed Encyclopædia Dramatica's creator, De Grippo, demanding edits to the protected (i.e. After she refused to do so, the trolls ordered taxis, pizzas, escort services and sent death threats and threats of rape to De Grippo's apartment.online catchphrases, fan pages, forums, and viral phenomena), but also real people (e.g.amateur celebrities, identifiable internet drama participants and even Encyclopædia Dramatica's own forum members).After they broke off their relationship, LJdrama decided to document the resulting drama.Unflattering photographs of Williams were spread on the web, and Williams considered this to be harassment.and documents Internet memes, culture, and events, such as mass organized pranks, trolling events, "raids", large-scale failures of Internet security, and criticism of Internet communities which are accused of self-censorship in order to garner prestige or positive coverage from traditional and established media outlets.Journalist Julian Dibbell described Encyclopædia Dramatica as the site "where the vast parallel universe of Anonymous in-jokes, catchphrases, and obsessions is lovingly annotated, and you will discover an elaborate trolling culture: Flamingly racist and sexist content lurks throughout, all of it calculated to offend." Wikipedia's evil twin.


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  4. Encyclopedia Dramatica is a satirical website, consisting of a wiki that uses MediaWiki software. Launched on December 10, 2004, it lampoons encyclopedia topics and current events, especially those related or relevant to contemporary Internet culture. It often serves as a repository of information and a means of discussion.

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