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Evan taubenfeld and avril dating

From what I know, you can't be a poser unless you're pretending to be something you're not, and I really see her pretending to be anything. I don't think this song is anything special, but my boyfriend and I used to go around all the time whenever someone complicated something singing the first line of the chorus... Obviously, Avril Lavigne is not a "punk rocker" since for one she didn't know who the [email protected]#$ing Sex Pistols were, one of the best punk bands ever, but thats another contraversy in its own right.yeah she can sing, yeah she kinda, and i mean a big kinda, looks punk, but she does not sing punk and no one can argue otherwise. No FX, Operation ivy, Mx Px, The Clash, Pennywise, blink 182, Sex Pistols, The Exploited, Dead kennedy's etc. Avril Lavigne is just another commerical pop star True to the calculated image comment.Avril is difrent but all in all she is the same as all of the other teen queens although i respect her for not being a slut.

And then I tell my boyfriend how much I like him in his car (but not on the train). GJ avril Britney from Calabasas, it does matter that she didn't knwo who the Sex Pistols were. Her vocals are obviously modified in the studio, ever heard of a pith bender? I think I lost my last shred of respect for the music industry when they started calling Avril Lavinge and Blink 182 punk!

I say it once and I will say it again...songs reflect us in a lot of ways! Poster Dave From Cardiff Wales, Thanks for the mention of singer AMY STUDT. I played it several times and added it to my youtube FAVORITES list.

This song is describing exactly how I am feeling at the moment...there was this guy I had met thru a friend..seemed cool and we hit it off perfectly...he was one way in front of his best friend (my best friends b/f) and then his true colors started coming out one by one...of course painting a picture of me that is totally false! And yes, I still like AVRIL LAVIGNE a magazine i read it said she doesn't consider herself punk, people labled her as even though shes not a pop artist like britney,avril she is unique and doesn't have to sell her body to be sucsessful.avril lavigne rocks this song reminds me of my ex bf when he was around justme he was nice and fun to be around and acted like he liked me and then when i tried to talk to him around his freinds he acted like a total jerk to me it was so annoyingthis song reminds me of one point in my life where this girl i knew so well was her one day and someone i had no idea who she was the next and i was getting so fusterated because the new her was not as good as who she was before and everyone left me for her.

but once we got out, it was the person i could not stand.

That's interesting that Johnny Ramone thought that.


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