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Evan taubenfeld and avril dating speed dating in dayton

I just want to say that I don't remember Avril ever saying that she was a "punk" except once in a magazine, but she did clear up later that by that she meant the literal definition, as in a "hoodlum".

Will someone please give me a link to an article showing me where she has in fact said her music was rock/punk? Hello, I would like to give my opinion to large Avril lavigne contraversy.

That's interesting that Johnny Ramone thought that.

Avril is difrent but all in all she is the same as all of the other teen queens although i respect her for not being a slut.

she wears her own cloths has her own boobs and doesnt realy care what others think.

) On the other hand, I use it as an example when I teach poetry to middle school kids why rhyming is not always a good thing!

And then I tell my boyfriend how much I like him in his car (but not on the train). GJ avril Britney from Calabasas, it does matter that she didn't knwo who the Sex Pistols were. Her vocals are obviously modified in the studio, ever heard of a pith bender? I think I lost my last shred of respect for the music industry when they started calling Avril Lavinge and Blink 182 punk!


  1. Avril Uncensored The tough chick with. Evan Taubenfeld, she's reportedly. whole dating thing, but I've really only dated two guys in the past four years.

  2. Evan David Taubenfeld born June 27, 1983 is an American singer-songwriter, best known for being Avril Lavigne's lead guitarist, music director and frequent.

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  5. Under My Skin is the second studio album by Canadian singer-songwriter Avril Lavigne that was released through RCA Records internationally throughout May 2004.

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