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All of the information contained in this article is absolutely 100% free and publicly available.If someone's username is on the Web, then it can be used to potentially find all sorts of interesting information.You can potentially find lists of friends, images, interests, even personal information. Just like any other people search, it's very rare to get all you're looking for in just one search.You can use bits of information to find more information.If you have someone's username, go to these sites' search functions, enter it in, and see what you come up with.Conversely, if you find that the search function is not easy to find (ironically) or isn't yielding any good information, you can use Google to search within the site as a whole using this command: site:"username".

While many people these days are more conscious of privacy, especially since the revelations revealed by Edward Snowden, the vast majority of people who use services online use the same usernames from site to site.A username - online handles on various sites that designate your profile information - can yield a surprising amount of information when used creatively.If you're trying to get more information about someone, and you know what their username is on any site, you can use that tiny bit of information to potentially unearth much more data. Because even though it's a definite privacy risk, most people use the same or similar usernames across all of the sites that they might sign up for online.It’s starting with a test group and will soon be rolled out to everyone on Ok Cupid, so all users will need to update their profiles with what they want their dates to call them,” a recent blog post from the site read.SEE ALSO: Adding these 3 words to your online dating profile will land you more dates Ok Cupid justifies the new rules simply with: “it’s time to keep up with the times,” adding: “We want you, Big Daddy Flash916, to go by who you are, and not be hidden beneath another layer of mystique.However, Google is not the absolute authority when it comes to finding something online.Savvy web searchers know that different search engines yield different results - sometimes with quite drastic differences.For example, on Spotify, you can type the following code into the Spotify search bar - spotify:user:[username] (replacing [username] with their Spotify username), and you should be able to locate their account and what they're currently listening to. On Amazon, you can use someone's username to find their wish list and jump off that to find what they've purchased recently (note:you'll only be able to see what items they've left reviews for).On Reddit, you are given a multitude of different ways to track someone down on the advanced search page. From search engines to blogs to social networks, if you've got a username, then you're holding the key to a lot of potential data.It's smart and makes sense to take time to learn more cautious Web browsing habits. Find out what you can do personally to make sure that your online privacy is never compromised.Ten Ways to Protect Your Web Privacy: Here are a few common sense tips that can help you guard your Web privacy and stay safe online.


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