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Foxpro server sql updating

For our purposes here, the Visual Fox Pro application is the client.

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Queries against large tables creates a great deal of network traffic.

You can employ background fetching for a data source in one of the following ways: A multitiered view is a view based on one or more views rather than on a base table.

When you update data in a multitiered view, the updates go down only one level, to the view on which the top-level view is based; base tables are not updated.

Before we go further, we should define what "client/server" means, at least in the context in which we are using it here.

"Client" refers to the so-called "front-end" application, the one that is running on the user's desktop.


  1. Client-Server and Visual FoxPro. as Microsoft Visual FoxPro™ and a centralized or client-server database such as Microsoft SQL Server for. and updating.

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