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The school was evacuated, from Dorset Road, to Shropshire during the war and returned to Bexhill in 1945, but not to Dorset Road but to Broadoak Manor, and the Junior school was based at Ellerslie house, Ellerslie Lane.

I have a photo of the front of the Manor House but cannot find any of Dorset Road, where my mother had been at the school.

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posted by jenny perkins on at pm Does anyone know the name of the old school that stood near Broad Oak Lane and the country park,it was demolished to build an estate.

That manor house was turned into a health farm and was apparently very sucessful as he sold it for a substantial sum.

I do not know whether he bought the place as a manor or as a closed school or whether it was turned into a school after he sold it?

Eddy is long dead now but Bexhill always stuck in my childhood mind as a very posh place to have lived! posted by john s on at pm my friends and I used to play commandos in the derelict manor house before it was demolished for the Deerswood lane estate around 1978/78.

I remember a very grand sweeping staircase in the large hall. posted by Fiona Hemsworth on at pm Does anyone have any information, photos or anything else of the Beehive School when it was in Dorset Road Bexhill.

The head mistress was called something like Mrs Hour. She had a son and daughter who went to another school. posted by mr david parker on at pm Can anyone help me with some information about the children's home Collington Manor, Bexhill-on-Sea, Sussex? posted by Paul Hopton on at pm Hi Irene, The Headmistress was Mrs. I have happy memories of some amazing times there, but also of some events and practices that were disturbing.There's also message boards on quite a few different subjects. posted by sylvia freeman on at pm I was sent to a boarding school at Bexhill on Sea as a very young child, we had to wear bottle green uniform, including knickers!! I remember an old tree on the beach which must have been close and we stood inside it as most of the trunk was broken.posted by Cathy Newton on at pm Hi, I went to Wilton House in 1958 with my brother and sister, I was there till the early 60s, I remember Mrs Auers son and daughter, Marinus and Elaina, I think the Matrons name was Mrs Guerney, she had two daughters Carol and Ann.If there wasn't a boarding school then it might have been some kind of children's hospital as she said she went there 'for her health'.Any help gratefully received - I've spent years searching for her! posted by June Barrington on at am I was at the Beehive between 1945 - 1950.This was before it moved to Broadoak Lane in the war.Also does any one have a copy of the photo of Sir Winston Churchill out side the Chapel on the corner of Dorset and Magdelene Roads? posted by Harry Saunders on 03 Sept 2007 at pm Re Fiona Hemsworths request for a photo of Sir Winston in Bexhill.Sorry cannot provide a picture but can well remember the Sir Winston was Gen Montgomery, General Jan Smits PM South Africa, Mackensie-King PM Canada and the PM of Southern Rhodesia Mr Huggins.According to a plaque these worthies visited Northiam in May 1944 I assume they were in Bexhill at or near that time.Maybe other senior Bexhillians have their memories of this occasion.posted by Hannah Fullbrook on at pm Does anyone know of a boarding school that would have been in Bexhill around the turn of the last century? My Great-Grand mother, Edan Hannson, says she went there, but so far I'm finding it as elusive as she was!


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