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“Then Leigh said of my soulmate Lorelei, ‘She’s not just anyone, she’s the one to do with the legend.’ Leigh asked if there was a connection somewhere with the Black Forest in Germany and the Rhine.

He saw us together playing on rocks and swimming in a large river.” Can you remember your past life?

“It was like dreaming while you’re wide awake” explains Rosemary “All of a sudden I would be transported back in time to Victorian times.

I find myself standing by a bandstand and notice the distinctive circular patterns of the iron work.

Lives I had spent with Lorelei included one during the English Civil War. I was called Jeremy and our children Ann-Marie and Toby.” “Some people joke that having Lorelei around is like being haunted by the ghost of an ex-wife. This was proved to Jo and I when she had to have a hysterectomy.This article is about reincarnation evidence and lovers from past lives.You can read about famous cases of past life recall here Now read some of these real cases of love that has connected across the centuries: ‘The other woman’ in Richard King’s marriage is out of this world.“Over the following months I came to understand the term better and realised that there was vastly more to it than the usual concept of soulmates.One Sunday evening as I sat thinking about the emotional side of my nature I heard a voice say ‘That’s connected with a previous life.According to the legends she lived near the Black Forest at the famous crag that overhangs the Rhine downstream from Bacharach in Germany.For Richard King, Lorelei is a real personage with whom he has shared past lives.And – here’s my plug – you can also get psychic reading on this website to give you insights into who you were in a past life.If two different psychics were to say the same thing about a past life and it corresponds with your own spontaneous recall then it could stand as evidence that is suggestive of reincarnation.At first I saw nothing, then suddenly, I saw a woman’s face in full colour and vivid detail.I felt that I knew her, and that we had been deeply, physically, in love many times.


  1. Reincarnation Evidence from people who met in a past life. Read real cases of married people and soulmates who have recalled past lives and soulmate memories.

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