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As for SS, i think you are right about them knowing they can fob me off.Since my niece first came to live with me I have always tried to get by without asking for help, i suppose i was afraid that people would think i couldn't manage. I have decided that I am going to contact SS on monday and ask to speak to SW manager about the issues i have with them. I would definately speak to a manager and find out where you stand.i've hardly seen the social worker since court ended and as for any support, well it would be easier getting an audience with the Queen!!!I have never made any demands on social services in respect of my niece other than to ask for somehelp towards the cost of a washing machine as the one i had broke, and even then i felt like i was asking for gold.

i kow social workers have there hands full and that there is alot of families that need help more than me but i find it so frustrating.

Dont be treated like this anymore, take a stand and make sure that you receive everything you are entitled to, if you need to shout, do it!

I wish you all the best of luck thank you for your reply Sue and for your kind words.

i moved house in april of last year as my previous home was too small for 3 children (something the social worker had brought up) i asked could they possibly help with half of the deposit and was refused, i eventually managed to get a loan to cover it.

i informed social worker of my new address (it is across road from old house).


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