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They are not new, and are unrelated to magnetic fluctuations; the cause is actually described in the NASA article: sometimes the solar wind has an opposite magnetic polarity as the Earth’s magnetic field, allowing them to interact more strongly and form these cracks.

So in that sentence Aym is misleading about the cracks and the Earth’s magnetic field, and then asserts flatly they affect weather, when no such connection is apparent. The Earth’s magnetic field is roughly like that of a bar magnet, with two opposite poles.

Even if cosmic rays were affecting us — and that’s not at all clear — then it would probably be minor compared to what we ourselves are doing.

If it were that big a source of warming the data would be a lot more clear.

The past couple of snowstorms have been pretty big, but there’s no reason whatsoever to link them to any magnetic issues.

And anyway, it probably won’t happen for millennia in any case.Most of these factors are stable (or don’t change much over time), which is why our Earth is so hospitable to life.However, some factors do change, which is worrisome.Perhaps the author of the article did in fact say that; if he did then that’s not what the actual scientific study appears to say in the journal — there’s a big difference between a "relatively good" correlation and a "strong" one.But that statement is still confused and confusing.This has nothing to do with man-made global warming for one.It’s certainly possible and even likely climate change has several sources, but we know human emissions are a huge cause of it (despite what denialists claim).Here’s the deal: incoming galactic cosmic rays (GCRs; very zippy subatomic particles) hit the Earth’s atmosphere. They also create an isotope of oxygen at the same time which washes down in that rain.As it happens, cave formations called speleothems are sensitive to rainfall amounts, so by measuring the amount of the isotope in these formations, you can see if there is any correlation between that isotope and the amount of rainfall.Be very wary indeed of anyone claiming such an easy to spot connection (that’s also been missed by hundreds of scientists who have devoted their lives to such things). Toward the end of the article he even links to a scientific article he claims makes a connection between the magnetic field and superstorms…there’s one, but the best he can do is tenuously connect the magnetic field to climate in general and some weather like rainfall. but the article is actually talking about So what’s the takeaway from all this?


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