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Several high profile email leaks happened after Snowden revelations.So it looks like in cyberspace a large number of people is more reckless then they behave in a "normal" environment.All this talk about NSA or CIA ability to listen to your smartphone microphone or via microphones in your laptop, TV or other devices looks like grossly exaggerated threat.Collection of just headers which can be done automatically and "for the duration of your life" provides much more revealing information.Moreover the collection of email in your Inbox and your email address book are a more valuable set of information than any single email and tells much more about you that any intercepted email can.Just the set of headers (and your address book) constitute something much more dangerous then a single email.And set of emails voluntarily stored by you on "cloud" provider (is not this stupid ?) is the place over which you've absolutely no control (and as such ) . The ability to listen to your phone calls in most cases is immaterial.

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You can direct all emails from you subscriptions on newspapers, sites and magazines to it.

There was something fishy here including the purchase of Hotmail by Microsoft.

The problem is that if your emails are being stored "in the cloud" each single email is exposed as if it permanently "in transit".

Ii such a box has a foam lining it pretty much disables sound too.

Both those materials are cheap and widely available.


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