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Philippe Walter and researchers from the Laboratoire de recherche des musées de France and L’Oréal-Recherche found, when analysing the contents of 49 containers from the Louvre Museum, that the cosmetics contained, in addition to commonly used lead-based minerals , synthetic compounds derived from a process called wet chemistry: Crushed lead oxide was mixed with water and sodium chloride (rock salt), then filtered repeatedly, a procedure which may have taken weeks to complete.

The resulting lead chloride was used as an ingredient for eye make-up.

he) is, and you sent 15 deben of galena through him.

When it had been handed to the physicians in the place of physicians of Pharaoh in the residence in order to prepare it, it was found to be very bad galena and no make-up usable for Pharaoh, l.p.h., was among it.

Most people will have applied the make-up themselves, but for those who could afford it, there was the professional cosmetician, the z XA.yt, the 'face painter' so to speak.

Even after death one had to take care of one's looks.

The soap-like material was used for treating skin diseases, as well as for washing.

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While a few bathrooms and tubs have been discovered most Egyptians seem to have been content with cleaning themselves by aspersion or by a dip in a canal or the river.Egyptians used cosmetics regardless of sex and social status for both aesthetic and therapeutic reasons.Oils and unguents were rubbed into the skin to protect it from the hot air.In ancient Egypt it was made by grinding green malachite, galena - a gray lead ore, cerussite, a white carbonate of lead, and sometimes small amounts of the lead compounds laurionite and phosgenite, into a powder and mixing it with oil or fat.Black eye-paint was referred to as msdm.t, According to ancient records eye paint was also imported: an unidentified eye-cosmetic was brought from Punt by Hatshepsut's expedition together with, among other things, ihmut-incense, sonter-incense, apes and monkeys, and Thutmose III gathered an unspecified amount of it as booty from his campaign in Naharin.At Saqqara fragments of a salve chest with thirty compartments for unguents and oil jars were uncovered.The jars were first made of granite and basalt, later of alabaster and had a pronounced lip.Henna was used to dye the fingernails yellow and orange. Both upper and lower eyelids were painted and a line was added extending from the corner of the eye to the sides of the face, the eye brows were painted black.It was believed that the makeup had magical and even healing powers.Only a single deben of galena was found among it....is the eye paint of choice in middle-eastern countries.


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