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Google not updating my site

Do not use to shorten your links Recently, Google has started enforcing a policy for their short links that they had not previous enforced.It is not super-clear, but it appears that Google views that big long URL we created above as some sort of “shortlink” that performs a redirection, and they do not allow to be used for redirected shortlinks. Some 5-star Review shortlinks still work as expected and sometimes allows new 5-Star Review shortlinks to be created, other times it does not.In your .htaccess file, add the redirection in the format below on a single line. q=Web Works of KC - SEO & Web Design, Kansas City, MO&oq=Web Works of KC - SEO & Web Design, Kansas City, MO&aqs=chrome..69i57j0.732j0j4&sourceid=chrome-mobile&ie=UTF-8#lrd=0x87c0e840c28bc427:0xe4d31c24d6a3b991,3,5,,&trex=m_t:lcl_akp,rc_f:nav,rc_ludocids:16488553605278972305,rc_q: Web Works%20of%20KC%20-%20SEO%20%26%20Web%20Design,ru_q: Web Works%20of%20KC%20-%20SEO%20%26%20Web%20Design If you need help, you can pay us to create this professional review URL for you.

Depending on where in the world your business is located – this process may not work for your Google My Business listing.If you cannot get this method to work for your Google My Business listing, I am happy to do it for you – fill out this form to get started. Take that big ugly long link over to and shorten that long URL into something much more manageable, like this – Tso I recommend creating a Bitly account and logging in before creating your link.I’m always testing to improve this method – sign up for our newsletter to be notified of updates to this article. When you’re logged in and create a short link, you will be able to view analytics data about the clicks on your Bitly shortlink.You now have a universal link that will work on desktop or mobile.You can email it to yourself and start to use it exactly how it is right now – https://You’ve already made the customer happy – you don’t want to turn that all around by annoying them now.Instead of asking for a generic review from your customers, give them some hints to encourage them to add some of your business service and/or product keywords into their Google My Business review.Most of the automated tools do not pre-fill the review box with 5 stars.Many of the tools cannot handle “special” characters like, ampersands and dashes.You will need an i Phone to create your pre-filled 5 star Google review URL.If you don’t have an i Phone, we can create the 5-Star Google Review URL for you Google is continually updating all aspects of their products and services.


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