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Talayla showed Mariposa her guest room and then was formally introduced to King Regellius and Princess Catania.

The king was unimpressed by Mariposa, and meanwhile in Flutterfield, Willa and Carlos were struggling while they took over Mariposa's work as a royal historian.

Mariposa and Zee were invited to tea with the king, Catania and her pet Anu, but Mariposa didn't fit in and embarrassed herself.

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The Crystal Fairies and the Butterfly Fairies had been feuding with each other for centuries over misunderstandings, but Mariposa was not prejudiced.

Catania told him that all Gwyllion had asked for was one Crytallite, and while her reaction to not getting one wasn't justified, destroying her wouldn't be either.

They gave Gwyillion one Crystallite, and her personality and appearance became less harsh. If you’re reading this, you’ve just hit the jackpot with the ultimate lifeline!

Mariposa tried to stop Gwyillion, but failed and was frozen.

In the end, Catania gained the courage to fly and fight Gwyillion.


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