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Gta4 dating guide

Spawn Hakuchou bike Dial "2455550199" on the cell phone.

Spawn Hexer bike Dial "2455550150" on the cell phone.

Spawn Floater boat Dial "9385550150" on the cell phone.

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Innovation bike ("The Lost And Damned" DLC) Shoot all fifty seagulls.

Alex is somewhat of a self-centered, spoiled rotten rich girl.

She will compliment Niko for wearing expensive clothing and driving expensive cars. Method: Take him bowling, drinking, eating, strip clubs, shows, helicopter tours, and boating to reach 70% friendship.

Bonus weapons ("The Ballad Of Gay Tony" DLC) Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding weapon at your safehouse: Gold Buzzard ("The Ballad Of Gay Tony" DLC) Successfully complete the game to unlock the golden Buzzard at a heliport near the Booth Tunnel.

Gold Super Drop Diamond ("The Ballad Of Gay Tony" DLC) Successfully complete the game to unlock the golden Super Drop Diamond outside Yusef's apartment.


  1. This wikiHow teaches you how to get a girlfriend in Grand Theft Auto GTA V. Keep in mind that the process of getting a girlfriend in GTA V involves going to a strip. Unlike in GTA IV, the only way to have a "girlfriend" in GTA V is by interacting with one of the stripper non-playable characters NPCs in the Vanilla Unicorn.

  2. Phazon2000 Expert - 8 years ago 0 0. She is without a doubt the hardest girl to bed but it is possible, the way to do it seems to go don't ask her for some 'hot coffee' for some time, take her to a good placedon't go drinking as it never seems to work wear clothing she likes, get a car she likes and about 5-8 dates later give it.

  3. Oct 14, 2008. Internet girlfriend, LawChick. Kiki Jenkins, aka LawChick, is a lawyer, if her online handle didn't give that away which means she is good at investigative work, so if you decide Niko is a player player you should watch your back for Kiki to be following you. Her law work also has an opposite as if she likes you.

  4. The best place to get cheats, codes, cheat codes, walkthrough, guide, FAQ, unlockables, achievements, and secrets for Grand Theft Auto 4, GTA IV, GTA 4 for. Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ - Grand Theft Auto 4 The Ballad Of Gay Tony. Method Date LawChick via " through the in-game internet.

  5. Aug 16, 2008. If you blasted through GTA IV in a month, you need to reload. If you never hunted a sadistic serial killer, dated a sex-crazed socialite or researched Lazlow's criminal history, you need to read on. How many girlfriends do you have? Everyone dates Kate and "Michelle" of course. With a quick visit to.

  6. From StrategyWiki, the video game walkthrough and strategy guide wiki. Grand Theft Auto In GTA IV, you have the option to date five women in Liberty City. Michelle is the first girlfriend you have in the game. You meet. dating a guy for 7 months ago datingsite 55 plus zwolle · chinese dating manchester uk.

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