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Gurbaksh chahal dating

They told investors their project was the next Pinterest—the way screenwriters tell movie moguls their scripts are the next In a community like Silicon Valley, where six- and seven-figure investments are routinely tossed at ideas that sometimes succeed but more often flash-bang and fizzle out like meteors, they were getting only paltry sums—about 0,000 shy of the 5,000 they were hoping for in “pre-seed,” early investment money.

Dana Settle is pictured age 27 at a meeting at the Mayfield Fund in 2000.

It’s a place where companies routinely staff conference booths with scantily clad “code-babes” and where women are so routinely sexually harassed at conferences that codes of conduct have become de rigueur—and the subject of endless misogynistic jokes on Twitter.

Three high-profile sexual harassment lawsuits have been filed against Tinder, the virtual town square of hookup culture, and two of the biggest venture capital firms—Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers and CMEA Capital.

The complaints include a senior CMEA partner harassing a series of executive assistants like a character in , replete with sexual nicknames, trapping them in his office and frequently referring to porn and pubic hair.

In inverse ratio to the forward-looking technology the community produces, it is stunningly backward when it comes to gender relations.

Google “Silicon Valley” and “frat boy culture” and you’ll find dozens of pages of articles and links to mainstream news articles, blogs, screeds, letters, videos and tweets about threats of violence, sexist jokes and casual misogyny, plus reports of gender-based hiring and firing, major-league sexual harassment lawsuits and a financing system that rewards young men and shortchanges women.


  1. Gurbaksh Chahal, 31, was faced 45 felony counts, including 'assault with a deadly weapon' over the incident in his San Francisco flat in August 2013.

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