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For Austin, Texas resident Robin Medina, 24, having a high ceiling was of tantamount importance.

Even though Medina tops out at just around five feet, her husband, Ryan Adams, 26, is tall.

"The ceiling was very low and I did feel like that had a physical impact on actualizing sex, at least for me as a tall person." In their current tiny home, Adams has built a vaulted ceiling over their full-sized loft bed, to accommodate his lanky frame.

While the stairway-accessible loft still feels vaguely reminiscent of a bunk bed, both Medina and Adams can sit up comfortably.

Explains Medina, "Since we’re always having to talk to each other about moving about the space and using things, we’re [constantly] in a mode of sharing.

So when things turn intimate…it’s not awkward getting things started because you’ve already been talking and communicating so much about all sorts of stuff.

It just helps us get in the same mood."The potential of not being saddled with a crippling mortgage that traditional homes often come with is also incredibly attractive to young couples; not just for financial security, but relationship security as well.

Which all points to one big question: How are people fucking in their tiny homes?

Clocking in roughly 150 to 400 square feet at an average price of just ,000, they’re an affordable way to avoid getting saddled with a mortgage, making the investment particularly attractive to couples in their late 20s and early 30s.

But in a domicile where space is at a premium, tiny homes can come with their own tax; namely, your sex life.

According to Adams, "We just had to really check in with each other about how it would work, how we’d get this money [to build a home], making sure Robin felt she could trust my judgment.

There was a lot of stuff to work through, but we did, and I feel like we’re stronger for it." With the sex proven to be adaptable and the price tag great, it’s no surprise tiny homes are being adopted en masse by people as yet unencumbered by scores of children each requiring closets filled with packs of diapers. Living room windows often offer little to no privacy, and certain positions are a foregone conclusion; you can’t have stair sex if your bedroom only has a rope ladder, and nobody is getting pegged in a low-ceiling loft.


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