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For Austin, Texas resident Robin Medina, 24, having a high ceiling was of tantamount importance.Even though Medina tops out at just around five feet, her husband, Ryan Adams, 26, is tall.Beds are usually lofted just feet from the ceiling, living rooms and kitchens cease to be separate rooms, and with "shower" being a generous term for those tiny homes that even running water, shower sex is all but a foregone conclusion.Which all points to one big question: How are people fucking in their tiny homes?At most recent count, the home improvement network has five separate shows dedicated to tiny home living, saying nothing of the many existing shows that have tiny home dedicated episodes.

In tiny homes like Adams’ and Medina’s, a variety of surfaces, like a tabletop here, or a staircase there, lend themselves well to becoming props in a creative sex life, reinforcing the concept that just because tiny homes are minimalist doesn’t mean the sex has to be Spartan.

"The ceiling was very low and I did feel like that had a physical impact on actualizing sex, at least for me as a tall person." In their current tiny home, Adams has built a vaulted ceiling over their full-sized loft bed, to accommodate his lanky frame.

While the stairway-accessible loft still feels vaguely reminiscent of a bunk bed, both Medina and Adams can sit up comfortably.

"When you already have a limited space, you don’t want other belongings and distracting things in your bed.

You’re sleeping here, you’re having sex here, so [keeping it clean] creates a much more focused, intimate space." Unsurprisingly, missionary was the most cited sexual position for the majority of tiny home residents I spoke with.


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