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How is relative dating used to evaluate geologic time

This indicates seawater alters sea-floor basalt by a complex series of metamorphic reactions.According to Seyfried [20], metasomatism dissolves Two classes of sea-floor hydrothermal vents are recognized by Wolery and Sleep [21]: axial and off-axial hydrothermal vents.Global river runoff is about 10% less than global rainfall minus evaporation [19].This missing water from the continents (approximately L/yr) is believed to be the total ground water seepage from the continents.The axial hydrothermal vents occur along the axes of mid-ocean ridges where active rift faulting has brought the hottest basalts near the ocean floor.

Most of the finest particles produced are silicates which have not been rinsed by the fresh water of rivers and remain very reactive with the ocean.Many scientists became convinced that the earth and the ocean are billions of years old. But there is an indirect test for the hypothesis; we can compare measured input rates with all known or conjectured output rates.These scientists could no longer endorse Joly's method which they recognized "...leads to the spuriously low geochemical age"[3]. If outputs are considerably lower than inputs at present, then the sea cannot be be in steady state.Furthermore, two dozen measurements of axial springs may not be representative of the global Waves of the sea, especially breaking waves along the shore, produce air bubbles in the water.Collapse of these bubbles shoots into the air droplets of seawater which evaporate to form microscopic crystals of halite.An average Na concentration for this seepage would allow the Na flux to the ocean to be calculated. If we assume that the average ground water has Fifteen years of intense investigations of hot springs on the deep ocean floor have led geochemists to the understanding that large quantities of ocean water are circulated through a significant fracture system in hot sea-floor rocks.Some of the springs have water hotter than containing significantly more total dissolved solids than seawater.He obtained Geologists have suspected for more than 100 years that water seeps through the continents and issues forth on the floor of the ocean.This was not proven until recently when drilling of sediments of the continental shelves revealed fresh water moving seaward through the sedimentary layers.concentration of the ocean is not today in "steady state" as supposed by evolutionists, but is increasing with time.The present rate of increase (about 3 x 10" kg/yr) cannot be accommodated into evolutionary models assuming cyclic or episodic removal of input and a 3-billion-year-old ocean. Gregor reaffirmed their belief recently: "If magma kept the crust built up against the ravages of erosion and the waste products accumulated in the sea, at present rates of influx the ocean basins should long ago have been choked with sediment and salt ....


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