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Intimidating quotes for sports

It doesn't fit the mold of today's classics (like Private Ryan) with melodrama and grandiose scenery, just a simple movie, with simple qualities but very large meaning intricately woven into the fabric of the film itself by Stallone and the director John G.Avildson, with the musical overtones of Bill Conti.Now don't get me wrong, I like both of these actors a lot, they're among my favorites, but Rocky is not just another cheap movie about a man who like to win a fight or tournament because he deserves it (Bloodsport, Quest).Instead of a fighting movie we should say that it is a movie about a fighter.See more » The first common misconception about Rocky, and something that's almost inevitable when you put a half-naked Stallone with boxing gloves on the cover is that it's a fighting movie.In that time it would fall into a category including Jean-Claude Van Damme and Jackie Chan.Rocky's life is being turned upside down by this whole "fighting Creed" business and although it is his dream, he doesn't know how to deal with it and is scared to get mangled in the ring, knowing he's not of the same caliber as the champ.The touching scene is when he realizes that he has yelled at an old man.

In fact in the whole movie there are two fight scenes (at the beginning and at the end) which together add up to about 15 minutes.Another theme here is that of fraternity between Rocky and Mickey, his trainer/manager.In fact THE MOST TOUCHING SCENE in the whole movie in my opinion is one of about 15 to 20 seconds long and without any words.“One the outside, you try to look calm and cool, but you’re shaking in your own skin.I was just glad to get the first run jitter out of the way.” His first run was pretty good, and so the South Jordan native felt confident heading into his second of the night.Adrien is another of his dreams, slightly more attainable which is why he devotes more of his time everyday to trying to attain it (her).She won't open up to anybody but in the end, with a certain amount of tenacity on the part of Stallone, she can't help but fall for the heart deep inside the rough exterior.The largest portion, in minutes, of the movie is actually devoted to the love theme between Rocky and Adrien.So that should maybe make this a "love story" movie instead of fighting movie.At the end of the fight, when Apollo and Rocky are hugging, Apollo's manager comes up to him in the close-up shot.Then they switch to an aerial shot, and Apollo's manager jumps over the ropes into the ring.


  1. As we look back on an emotional sports history, memories of the most encouraging, brave and genuine sportsmen start to flood the scene.

  2. It can instil fear and a sense of hopelessness for many under various circumstances. Here are some of the best intimidation quotes. Expert Boxing Premium Membership. 1 “If you want to control someone, all you have to do is to make them feel afraid.” – Paulo Coelho. 2 “A man who is intimate with God is not intimidated by.

  3. These inspirational sports quotes will help you find your inner athlete. Channel that. Besides being statistically true, this inspirational sports quote from the most prolific goal scorer in hockey history tells us to take risks. This can be applied in. “If a team wants to intimidate you physically and you let them, they've won.

  4. Yes, we watch sports for the excitement, but even moreso, we watch it for the drama. There's nothing more exciting than seeing a team come back to win that 4th series game after being down 0-3, or a fighter getting off the canvas to score a come from behind knock-out. Sports are about those incredible moments where.

  5. Oct 10, 2017. The ultimate collection of motivational sports quotes. This list of inspirational sports quotes can help motivate and inspire you to be great! The best list.

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