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If anyone needs an example of the kind of abusive, unprofessional and unbusiness-like manner in which the General Assembly operates these days, all they needed to do was witness the conduct Thursday afternoon of the legislature’s Joint Appropriations Committee meeting. First, the specific business that much of the public expected to be handled was the secretly-developed plan, announced just minutes before the meeting, to phase in and fund the legislature’s previously unfunded mandate to reduce class size in kindergarten through third grades in North Carolina public schools. Dan Bishop, R-Mecklenburg; and others, about a memorandum of understanding that provides for million from the developers of the pipeline to the governor’s office, to provide funding for environmental mitigation in the development of the Atlantic Coast natural gas pipeline.

It was an exercise in abuse by the legislative leadership and an embarrassment to the General Assembly and the citizens of North Carolina it represents.

I had an anonymous tip off about an extremist element “stalking” me, with detailed information.” In January 2014 David Limond was convicted of sending a threatening communication aggravated by racial and religious prejudice.

Legislators stated as matters of fact, that the funding was a “slush fund.” That the funding has been solicited. Instead they ambushed a public servant, abused and unfairly impugned his integrity and that of his boss.Mr Limond was arrested by officers from Scotland’s counter-terrorism unit following the Channel 4 News segment.In her response to Murdo Fraser, Ms Haggerty tweeted an image of one of Mr Fraser’s own tweets which she claimed showed the connection between Rangers fans and British nationalism.The tweet had been in response to a headline in The National newspaper which read “New boss of BBC Scotland admits people lost faith during the indyref – and winning them back will take a lot of work”.However his tweet was criticised by Angela Haggerty who tweeted: “Shouldn’t be a surprise that Murdo doesn’t want the BBC to do a better job on indy.We can’t have Yessers getting a fair hearing now can we.” Ms Haggerty, who edits the Common Space, added: “Politicians like @murdo_fraser should know better than to describe voters as ‘zoomers’ for holding a different opinion to him.So divisive.” A defiant Fraser responded by accusing the journalist of not being concerned about intimidation of fellow colleagues.Were given the name by the privileged aristocracy and wealthy traders who feared their estates would be levelled. Recognized in some contemporary jurisdictions as a law to prevent libel or slander against a ruling or visiting head of state.A vague term to reflect democracy controlled by restraints that only allow the seemingly good. A constitution or common law that protects such institutions as freedom of speech, freedom of the press, a moderately free market, an independent judic Loosely described as a modern philosophy which favours change for change’s sake, as well as encompassing a compromising and compassionate attitude to personal lifestyle, law and order, foreign affairs and immigration, where policy decisions are often orientated towards those in more straitened circumstances. Causes advocated would be Laissez Faire economics, freedom of speech, the rule of law, extension of the franchise, amelioration in penal practices, and changing views on relations between the sexes and the upbringing of children.The inquisitors were less concerned with answers than making veiled accusations, playing to their partisan base, the TV cameras and intimidating Lilly and the governor’s office.Lilly said he was not told what might be discussed, was clearly caught off guard and unable to provide detailed and informed answers.


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