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Intimidating voters

Murdo Fraser targeted journalist Angela Haggerty after she refused to join him in condemning protestors who gathered outside BBC Scotland studios during the independence referendum.Ms Haggerty instead criticised the description of protestors as ‘zoomers’ and also insisted the BBC should give the Yes movement a fair hearing.The tweet had been in response to a headline in The National newspaper which read “New boss of BBC Scotland admits people lost faith during the indyref – and winning them back will take a lot of work”.However his tweet was criticised by Angela Haggerty who tweeted: “Shouldn’t be a surprise that Murdo doesn’t want the BBC to do a better job on indy.I had an anonymous tip off about an extremist element “stalking” me, with detailed information.” In January 2014 David Limond was convicted of sending a threatening communication aggravated by racial and religious prejudice.At the trial, the court heard a recording of Mr Limond’s Rangers Chat podcast which was broadcast on September 2012, in which a segment called “Taig of the day” featured Ms Haggerty.

A Rangers supporting Conservative MSP has ended up red-faced after a journalist he implied was condoning intimidation of colleagues, highlighted her own dreadful experiences at the hands of Rangers fans.

The inquisitors were less concerned with answers than making veiled accusations, playing to their partisan base, the TV cameras and intimidating Lilly and the governor’s office.

Lilly said he was not told what might be discussed, was clearly caught off guard and unable to provide detailed and informed answers.

An early grass roots, neo-libertarian, urban, political group which existed in the UK during and after the English Civil War.

They advocated self ownership, electoral reform, separation of powers, limited use of the death penalty, religious toleration, and removal of government restrictions on trade and land use. The ancient crime of violating the dignity of the sovereign.


  1. A Dream Undone. Inside the 50-year campaign to roll back the Voting Rights Act.

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