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In the 1980s, Glenn Close’s character in was storied as having “borderline personality disorder” (BPD).She was seen as the ultimate femme fatale, a slave to her sexual passions and murderous impulses and a danger to men and marriage in contrast to Anne Archer’s loyal, betrayed and terribly dull wife.Such traumas are supercharged by wider societal factors such as poverty and misogyny, and indeed the invalidating response of psychiatric services which make people feel like they are a “bad apple” after all.Many patients report that the moment their diagnosis changes from “personality disorder” to another diagnosis, they experience an entirely new response from mental health services.

However, I have yet to hear any Christian, that is, a follower of Christ, make such a statement.These character sketches, so influenced by the mores and gendered norms of what is acceptable at any given time, are not backed up by any scientific evidence.They seem immune to our newfound capacity to celebrate difference, and look to the back-story behind any given personality.However, rational people will actually say, "Christians are hypocrites and therefore what they are saying must be false.Therefore, there is no God." That is an error in logic called a non sequitur.To have this stage rubber-stamped with the words “personality disorder” can be incredibly traumatising, keeping one entombed in the worse period of one's life.There are signs things are changing, though sensationalist “pathologise your partner/president” articles suggest the exact opposite.Enter most personality disorder services as a patient today and one would think one has an affliction for life, despite robust evidence that more than 50 per cent of people diagnosed with BPD, for example, no longer meet the criteria after five years.Being super messed up and at times destructive for a few years is a passing stage for many of us in early adulthood.You ought not to smoke." Will you say to me, "You are a hypocrite and therefore what you are saying must be false.Therefore, smoking must be good for you." That is absurd.


  1. I don't know what the phrase "invalidate request" there means. Can someone explain in detail what is happening here?Why do some people care so much about "empirical truth"?

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