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Is joe thomas dating hannah tointon

Some imply they see lots of girls, and never see them again after one night, but I don’t know if that’s actually true.’ Aww.

I have two best friends actually and they are called Jonny Sweet and Simon Bird. And it’s really scary because I don’t think I would ever do it now, in the same situation. I normally hate that sort of Candid Camera thing, but they make it work. If I was at school and was a wizard, I would be pretty happy. anyone who was on the front row of the fashion show when we filmed that infamous scene for The Inbetweeners! Almost every other person I encounter, to be honest.

But here's a video of the couples (ahem) better times.

Of his education, he states, "I never really recovered from the fact that the lecturers weren't paid to be nice to me.

In real life though, Joe is much more of a romantic than his Inbetweeners alter-ego, telling Cosmopolitan magazine: "I’ve tended to have quite serious, long-term monogamous relationships.

"Well, obviously they’ve been monogamous - I’m such a romantic I’d only ever have sex with one girlfriend at a time…

Tara gave Simon a second chance by inviting him up to Warwick to meet her sister, but he once again brings his whole crew - leaving Tara furious.

His friends Jay (James Buckley), Will (Simon Bird) and Neil (Blake Harrison) all joined them at the concert, but ended up getting high on marijuana and causing Tara to vomit.

But despite his failed attempt at finding a wife on-screen, it seems as though the actor behind Simon – Joe Thomas – has been a little more successful in love and has now got engaged.

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And it seems their relationship is going from strength to strength, with an insider telling website Uni Lad that the pair are set to wed.

The outlet quoted a source as saying "their families are planning the marriage which is due very soon." Fans of the comedy show will remember Joe and Hannah's characters in the programme, Simon Cooper and Tara Brown, had a less than successful start to their romance.


  1. Congratulations may be in order for The Inbetweeners stars Hannah Tointon and Joe Thomas, who are reportedly engaged. The couple started dating almost.

  2. Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon have been dating for seven years Image PA Speaking previously about their relationship, Joe, who also starred in Fresh.

  3. Joe Thomas actor Joseph Thomas born. The Jonny and Joe Show, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Thomas started dating his co-star Hannah Tointon in 2010.

  4. ACTOR Joe, 32, stars as Kingsley Owen in Fresh Meat. He lives in London with his girlfriend, actress Hannah Tointon.

  5. Are Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon engaged. have been dating for around seven years. Joe Thomas met Hannah Tointon during his time on The.

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