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Jennifer carpenter and desmond harrington dating

After a confidential police lead ends up in one of Hill's articles, Lt.

María La Guerta (Lauren Vélez) warns Quinn to be wary of any reporter who squeezes him for confidential information over pillow talk.

In season four, Quinn bears a grudge against Dexter Morgan (Michael C.

Hall) for botching the blood work for a case he worked on.

Quinn first appears in the season opener, "Our Father", in which he is partnered with Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter).

He takes a liking to her, even helping her with a case by giving her one of his confidential informants.

Though more careful about what he says around her, Quinn still defends Hill when Dexter tells her to leave Debra alone, as Hill wanted to do a piece on her about a shooting she was involved in.

Quinn denounces Hill after it is revealed that she is the Trinity Killer's daughter and had been manipulating him to keep her father from being arrested.

Quinn breaks up with Hill after she publishes the article about Lundy, but the two soon get back together.

However, after Dexter sees Quinn taking money from a crime scene, he tries to shut him up by buying him expensive football tickets.

Meanwhile, Quinn starts a relationship with Christine Hill (Courtney Ford), a reporter who flirtatiously grills him for information on his cases.

Following the fact that Dexter was part of the raid during Rita's time of death, he begins to focus on the composite sketches of "Kyle Butler" and determines it to be Dexter.

After tracking down Mitchell's son Jonah (Brando Eaton), who was due to enter witness protection, he attempts to have him identify Dexter as Butler, but is caught by marshals and suspended.


  1. Sep 19, 2013. Jennifer Carpente and Michael C. Hall. But over the course of eight seasons, he's faced love, loss, heartache and even friendship with his foul-mouthed sister Deb Jennifer Carpenter, proving that he. One of the most revealing scenes that I've played was with Quinn Desmond Harrington in the finale.

  2. Joseph "Joey" Quinn is a fictional character in the Showtime television series Dexter, portrayed by Desmond Harrington. Quinn is a cop who transferred to the Homicide division after being in narcotics before season three. Contents. hide. 1 Appearances. 1.1 Season three; 1.2 Season four; 1.3 Season five; 1.4 Season six.

  3. Dexter may have ended, but that has not stopped one network from pairing up some of our favorite actors from the serial killer drama. Quinn and Deb will be together again! Well, sort of, as actor Desmond Harrington is joining former co-star Jennifer Carpenter in CBS' Limitless. Harrington – also known for his recent work on.

  4. Febr. 2015. Am vergangenen Wochenende wurde die Serienheldin, die sich bei uns einen Namen als "Debra Morgan" in "Dexter" gemacht hat, bereits mit einem deutlich runden Bauch in L. A. gesehen, jetzt bestätigte ihr Sprecher das Getuschel gegenüber "People" "Jennifer ist schwanger mit ihrem ersten Kind!".

  5. Oct 28, 2011. Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter started dating in 2007 he was already divorced, during season 2 of “Dexter,” and got married a year later on December 31, 2008. People are. I'm really sad about how Desmond Harrington shown in the background of the first photo looks these days. He was so.

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