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Jenny lewis and conor oberst dating

The dry, anti-religion "Born Secular" was transformed into a moving atheist hymn, and closed the set. They returned to click fingers and sing a cappella The Shirelles' "I Met Him on a Sunday", popularised by Lewis's heroine, the cult singer-songwriter Laura Nyro.This heartfelt pastiche worked better in the flesh when you could feel Lewis's sincerity more.Occasional light percussion was just as weirdly in sync.Further subtle backing came from pedal steel and, sulking in the background on guitar, Lewis's boyfriend, Johnathan Rice.At the Spitz, in a kind of homage to O Brother, Where Art Thou?, the three emerged from the audience sighing repeatedly, "Run, devil, run." Her fans now in thrall, Lewis let the songs do the talking.That Lewis managed to maintain her integrity throughout speaks volumes of her prowess as a vocalist and songwriter, and if the album wound up something less than the catastrophe that it otherwise could have been purely as a result of her presence, its chilly critical reception has left her with, if anything, even more to prove this time around.

Lewis insists that Rilo Kiley made the record that they had always wanted to, rather than having Under the Blacklight’s hyper-sexual gloss forced out of them by Warner Bros., but none of this made what was on the record sound any less forced or uncomfortable.Saying next to nothing in between songs, the former child actor sang with the purity of a young Patsy Cline, something useful on the quieter numbers, especially the delicate, misleadingly named "Happy".Just as diffident were the Sisters, who claim not to be related yet shared many mannerisms.Rabbit Fur Coat, her 2006 collaboration with gospel sisters the Watson Twins, found her dabbling with folk and country with much success, the stripped-down musical settings finding a natural coherence with Lewis’ crystalline vocals and gift for vibrantly detailed narratives.Though arguably meant to whisk Lewis out of the indie ghetto and into more widely acclaimed “singer-songwriter” territory (a career trajectory concurrently being pursued by friend Conor Oberst, who released Rabbit Fur Coat on his Team Love label and played Bob Dylan on the album’s cover of the Traveling Wilbury’s cover “Handle With Care”), Rabbit Fur Coat felt like a logical progression from More Adventurous, the album that saw Lewis’ songwriting making remarkable strides in such a brief time since Rilo Kiley’s quaint indie pop outings.Jenny Lewis recast her cover of the Traveling Wilburys hit "Handle With Care" this past Saturday, teaming up with surprise duet partner Jimmy Buffett during a show at the Ryman Auditorium in Nashville.Jenny Lewis Looks Back on ' Rabbit Fur Coat'" data-reactid="12", an album that celebrated its 10th anniversary last month.The Ryman show was one of the final gigs of a short tour honoring the album's birthday, and the unexpected Buffett cameo — which found Mr.Margaritaville singing Roy Orbison's lines, dressed up in a suit that could've graced the cover of — showed just how far Lewis has come in the decade since her solo debut hit shelves."Jenny Lewis has been a great influence on my life," Buffett joked before the song's kickoff."Your fashion, too," returned Lewis, pointing out the cartoonish pot leaves and Stars of David on Buffett's powder blue blazer.Has Elvis Costello’s professional relationship with Jenny Lewis started rubbing off on her music?Costello has been a vocal fan of both Lewis and her sometimes-band Rilo Kiley dating as far back as the band’s 2004 release More Adventurous, even granting her a prominent role singing backup on his latest album, Momofuku.


  1. Jenny Lewis recast her cover of the Traveling Wilburys hit " Handle With Care " this past Saturday. Conor Oberst and M. Ward,

  2. As the frontwoman of beloved indie-rock band Rilo Kiley, Jenny Lewis began singing songs of love, heartbreak and aging in 1998. After accruing a solid.

  3. Interview Jenny Lewis. the Bright Eyes frontman Conor Oberst. tricked her into going speed dating.

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