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In he came back to the US to finish up his MD degree, but continued to be plagued by depression. In On the other hand, he had little respect for Herbert Spencer, Wilhelm Wundt, G. In addition, he had serious back pain, insomnia, and dyspepsia. Then he turned to his friends and said: «It is not easy to walk up to... He was not really interested in a career in medicine, but wanted to study the science that went with it. At after a stint as an art student, James enrolled at Harvard in chemistry, which he soon changed to medicine. But I'll try hard so you'll have some idea who I am. I am tall and slim and have fair hair and blue eyes. I was taken from school at once and placed in the office of a local newspaper as printer's apprentice [a'prentis] For ten years I worked in printshops of various cities. Pragmatism says that ideas can never be completely proven true or false. You know how difficult it is to tell much in a very short time. I was born on the 13 Now let me describe my appearance. It stood in a forest and could take in about twenty five boys and girls. I was a sickly ['sikli] child and lived mainly on medicine the first seven years of my life. After my father's death our family was left penniless. He was profoundly influenced by an earlier American philosopher, Charles Sanders Peirce, who founded the philosophy of Pragmatism. She works at the research institute and she is a historian. She doesn't like to study much and we argue sometimes about it. Also, I think that psychology is a fast developing science and I will always have a job. I stayed at his house for three months every year till I was thirteen years old. He had eight children and owned about fourteen Negro slaves whom he had bought from other farmers. This is similar to a more recent idea called memes.

William was soon joined by a younger brother, Henry, who would grow up to be one of America's premier novelists.

I don't take a bath in the morning because I don't have enough time for it. I have to serve breakfast on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays. Usually I don't miss my classes because I want to pass my exams successfully. That is the time to share the latest news and to gossip. I prefer old comedies and Olya likes soap-operas or films about travelling. My family is not very rich and that is why I can't afford to live on campus. My alarm clock radio is tuned to my favorite radio station. We can celebrate that year as the founding of experimental psychology. Wundt was known to everyone as a quiet, hard-working, and very methodical researcher, as well as a very good lecturer.

I turn on the radio and do my morning exercises while Olya takes a shower. Olya makes breakfast every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. After supper we wash dishes, drink coffee or tee and watch TV. I am a vegetarian and I also don't like drinks with caffeine. This is the same year that William James would set up a similar lab at Harvard.

a shelf, a foot, a wife, a roof, a fly, a foot, a tooth, a goose, an ox, a child, a woman, a man, a bacteria, a criterion, axe. We leave the house around eight and walk to the nearest bus-stop. At o'clock in the evening because I go to the library to get ready for my practical classes or to write a report. To cover some of the expenses I have got to work part-time on campus. It is curious to note that during this same busy time period, Wundt also published four books in philosophy.

A cat, a forest, a dollar, a railroad, a horse, a pan, a girl, fitness, a bench, a tomato, a car, a flag, an apartment, a telephone, a box, a knife, a fork, a fox, a rabbit, a wife, a landlady, an army, a fly, a sky, a potato, a life, a story, a pack, a lamp. I take a cool shower (that's when I completely wake up), brush my teeth. I love to listen to the latest news on the radio while I am eating and Olya prefers light music. But sometimes I do, especially when the weather is fine and the classes are boring. My friends and I prefer not to go to the canteen and we often have lunch in a small cafe not too far from the University. Sometimes Olya and I go for a walk in the park or visit our friends. I like to read something before going to bed and Olya likes to listen to some music. But it is a rule that every student must spend his or her freshman year on campus. The latter comment is from the standards of the day, which were considerably different from today's: He would go on in a low voice for a couple of hours at a time, without notes or audio-visual aides and without pausing for questions.


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