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Legitimate ukrainian dating sites

) According to the terms and conditions page in section 11 a of Victoria Hearts they admit that from "time to time they do create profiles which are created maintaining managed by their employees".They call these fabricated profiles "Staff Profiles".The first thing that striked us strange about Victoria was all the email messages that we received.You would think that we would be ecstatic to get so many messages from Russian and Ukrainian women but we weren't, why?They tell us that the "purpose of these profiles is to make sure that their website is operating properly." We've come across this statement many times, what we think is really going on here is that the website is fabricating their own profiles to inflate the number of women on the site.They're making it seem like the site has thousands of single Russian and Ukrainian women looking for Western men for relationships and marriage.But on Victoria we didn't have a picture so why are we getting 30 messages from women who look like supermodels?

This list of dating services includes Vctoria and other mail-order Russian bride type services.

Why the hell would anyone want to contact a profile who doesn't have one single picture on the page?

It doesn't make sense unless you understand that automated messages from computer bots are what's really happening.

These services are built on the premise and the idea that Western men have the opportunity to interact, date and marry Russian and Ukrainian women. Can you really marry Russian women and bring them over to the United States to live happily ever after or is it all a scam?

Our investigative report asks these questions and much more, you can read our full review below.


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