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All denied any involvement but later owned up to crucial details, while not formally pleading guilty to murder.Mrs Farman knew Mansingh so well that he had her bank PIN number.She was boss of PECS (Mauritius), a private data services company, and so kept in contact with numerous banks and other financial institutions.

white/Franco-Mauritians 1%(13,000), reside in three main towns, Tamarin in the South west coast, Curepipe in the centre of the Island and in the North mostly in and around pointe aux canonniers.Mansingh told police in recorded interviews with an examining magistrate: ‘We went to the lady’s house with the intention of stealing, but she recognised one of us.‘I told my friends we had to kill her so she would not report us.Not knowing what to do after finding that she had died, we decided to fabricate a crime scene that needed running away from.‘We turned the house upside down, stole some items then took Janice Farman’s car.’They took cash, jewellery and Gavin’s Play Station before driving away in Mrs Farman’s Nissan Tiida, later found abandoned at the side of a road.There is a smaller population of people of British descent living in Mauritius, most of whom have Mauritian nationality.The term Anglo-Mauritian, which may also include Mauritians living in the UK, is used unofficially.Creoles (Afro or Afro-Indian) 22% (286,000), mostly central plateau area, the suburbs of Port Louis and coastal villages such as Baie du Tombeau and the black river region.Muslims (Indo-Muslims) 16%(208,000), most living in the central plateau towns and Plaine Verte in the capital city.Tamils or South Indians (Tamils or Christian-Tamils) 14.5%(188,500), concentrated in the central plateau towns.Gens de Couleur or coloured creoles 3%(39,000) mostly Rose-Hill-Beau Basin, coastal villages of Albion and Tamarin and also Montagne Blanche.It is claimed they provided details of the attack during extensive interrogations.Information leaked to the Scottish Daily Mail this week indicates that Fakhoo ‘cracked under the pressure of interrogation’ and implicated all three within a week of the attack.


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