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Microsoft forefront client security not updating definitions

In most Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) deployments, the Endpoint Protection Manager will download and distribute materials to all of its Windows clients efficiently.For more information, see How to update content and definitions on the clients and Downloading content from Live Update to the Endpoint Protection Manager.The Group Update Provider also lets you offload processing power from the Endpoint Protection Manager if you need that option.When you configure a Group Update Provider, you specify a host name or IP address and a TCP port number.In certain environments, you may want to download updates from an internal Live Update server rather than obtain updates from the Internet source servers.Live Update Administrator 2.x may be preferable in: If you configure sites on your network for replication from another site, you can configure content updates (for example, Virus and Spyware Definitions) in the database of the primary site to replicate as part of the database.

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If you configure unmanaged or local clients to allow changes to the Live Update schedule using a Live Update Settings policy, you can configure clients locally to download updates at specific times.To configure the Live Update schedule, please see How to schedule Live Update on an Unmanaged (self-managed) client You can update the Virus and Spyware Protection definitions (and Intrusion Prevention (IPS) definitions (Windows only) on managed or unmanaged Symantec Endpoint Protection clients using a standalone tool.See Use Intelligent Updater to update definitions for Endpoint Protection for details.For more information, please see Setting up sites and replication and Specifying which data to replicate.If an Endpoint Protection Manager cannot run Live Update or has no access to Internet or internal source servers, you can update the server's Virus and Spyware Protection (antivirus) definitions by manually applying a file that you make for this purpose.See Using third-party distribution tools to update client computers for details.If you configure unmanaged or local clients to allow manual updates using a Live Update Settings policy, the Live Update button is available in the client.An Endpoint Protection Manager is still required to download and package content from Live Update, as well as for generating policy files.The only thing third-party management replaces is the transfer of policies and content to the Endpoint Protection client.The two kinds of Live Update client policies include Live Update Settings policies, and Live Update Content policies.The following table shows what each type of policy controls, and to what products each applies: See Choosing which content and which content revision to update on client computers for details.


  1. Forefront client security not updating wsus speed. updates for Microsoft Forefront Client Security without. Definitions issues - TechNet - Microsoft.

  2. Microsoft Forefront Client Security Not Updating. FCS Client definitions are not updating through WSUS I check for a particular update.

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