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Mike he and rainie yang dating 2016

out of curiosity i searched about their personal lives and found no chance of them to be together in real .... O read aloud about your professional and personal life on net. you are so attractive in devil beside you and why why love ...

I am really feeling pissed off disgusting saddest but want them to live a good life and never have any regret about choices they made or about to make... Hi mike he, I am Lalita (25) I loved you role in why why love.

Mike does continue to feature with some other MVs, the more popular include his appearance in Ariel Lin’s and Rainie Yang’s MV. and ahh the killer smile got me watching the whole series. ALL THE BEST Mike he is the best Asian actor, I'm not just saying this as his fan, but I really see something in him. His face is not cold, he always has a warm look and he's full of emotions. I can't wait for more dramas specially with Rainie yang. However, you have a killer look and smile that can make any girls melt no matter what role you play! i just got to watch your devil beside you and i was so inlove with you,,,the role is fitted to you,,,,i love you ahmon.....so hooooooootttttttt,,,,,, _from your best fan _philippines.... We'll wait for another project with rainie :) I'm not a big fan of Mike He, but there's something about him that made my day more unusual..

Mike's first TV mini series was Seventh Grade in 2003/2004. I really love them both so much, and she seems to really like him but he doesn't know. ~judy~ :) Devil beside you Hmm its an extraordinary too sweet drama which honestly I didn't like it. she she,,you made my vacation the happiest ever.... WHEN WILL YOU AND RAINIE will MAKE ANOTHER DRAMA AGAIN?? probably his attitude whenever he's in interview, the looks were just second, that Devil beside me drama caught my attention due to mike he's role there..

C'est en 2005 qu'il rencontre le succès : le rôle de A meng dans Devil Beside You propulse Mike au sommet des célébrités taïwanaises.

The first Taiwanese series i ever saw was Devil Beside You ...after it reached to the end i was hoping for another drama series of them together ...

i found why why love after it reached the end as well i was searching for another... It's my true wish to visit China and meet you personally once in my lifetime. I'm Priya from India you are so sweat while smiling .

Seeing you I have fallen in love with Chinese people and Chinese culture.

Your really amazing ^^ I enjoy watching Calling For Love, though I have to admit that I do love seeing you and Rainie Yang act together, you guys make a really amazing couple in movies, and its nice to see you act with her too, cuz i really like Rainie also.


  1. Rainie Yang is Dating JPM’s Prince. There goes my Rainie/Mike He hopes though. They could have gotten back together maybe. 0 Back to top #11 helenzee

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