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Ms project predecessors not updating

Usually the two tasks are scheduled to be completed by the same person.As a matter of best practice, I would strongly discourage linking tasks which are “discretionary” or “soft” predecessors, which are just based on preferences for a particular sequence of task execution.Methods of project modelling are the subject of constant debate.It is a widely held opinion that predecessors can be used to resolve resource over-allocation.Each one of you might be using a different setting for MS Project 2013.To ensure the results are not different from what is shown in this tutorials, ensure the settings as follows.On the few occasions where perhaps a FF predecessor link (or SS or SF) is realistic, I use them very sparingly, and only after all of the FS predecessors have been identified.

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This ensures that every task is on a continuous path from the start milestone to the finish milestone. Sometimes (a common practice) percentages are presented which do not have a numerator and denominator and are just “gut feel estimates”.

We receive a number of common questions during our training/consulting sessions and also come across similar questions while participating in online groups and forums.

Trevor consistently contributes the below groups and forums which you can quickly view: Some of the questions are below and Perfect Project Planning’s Trevor attempts very short answers: Should I simply insert a column into the entry table to add an entry or is there a better, more structured way to do this?

For example, in a building project you can’t build the roof until you have finished building the walls (usually).

“Soft” predecessors are those which are imposed on the plan by the planner for some reason other than absolute unavoidable necessity.


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