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If so, it would be very old, for it was first described in 1832 by Englishman James Prinsep who told of his local guides spotting a tall, bipedal creature covered with long dark hair.

Takashi is convinced the 8in footprint was made by a yeti and not any other animal Mr Takahashi also claims to have seen a Yeti when he went to the Himalayas in 2003. As well as the footprints, the stories the locals tell makes us sure that this being is not imaginary.' Despite spending 42 days on Dhaulagiri IV - a 25,135ft peak where Mr Takahashi says he has seen the shadowy figure in the past - the seven- man team has failed in their prime objective of capturing a Yeti on film.

Average per capita income is slightly below the national average, and 75% of Filipino households have pooled income from 3 or more adults working.

Many of these households are intergenerational where grandparents become surrogate parents for young families.

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In a New Jersey survey of Filipino Americans, 23% reported having hypertension (Garde, Spangler, and Miranda, 1994).The module is designed to be used in conjunction with the Core Curriculum in Ethnogeriatrics.LEARNING OBJECTIVE After completion of this module, the learners will be able to: A.On that expedition he was 200 yards away from the apparition but remains convinced he was not mistaken. 'It was walking on two legs like a human and looked about 150 centimeters (5ft) tall.' Now, finding strange footprints in the snow on his most recent expedition, has left Mr Takahashi convinced that the Yeti is still wandering among the towering Himalayan peaks. Japanese adventurer Yoshiteru Takahashi is convinced his team have found footprints of the yeti'We set up nine motion-sensitive cameras in the area where I first saw what I believed was it, but we have not got any images.'But we'll be coming back as soon as we can - and we'll keep coming back until we get the Yeti on film, and then all doubt will vanish.' Following the first record of a Yeti by James Prinsep, other explorers have also written of the strange creature.In 1921 explorer Lieutenant-Colonel Charles Howard-Bury told of finding footprints he believed had been made by a large wolf, although they gave the impression of being made by a bare-footed man.His Sherpa guides told him, however, that the tracks must have been made by 'The Wild Man of the Snows'.राजविराज, चैत २६ गते । सप्तरीको बलान बिहुल गाउँपालिका–३ स्थित मौवहा चौकमा रहेको एउटा फर्निचर उद्योगमा गए राति आगलागी हुँदा रु २० लााख मूल्य बराबरको क्षति भएको छ । बलान बिहुल गाउँपालिका मौवहा चौकस्थित चौधरी यादवको घरमा सञ्चालन गरेको...भैरहवा , चैत २६ गते । वर्षाले रूपन्देहीका इँटा उद्योगमा बनाइएका दुई करोडभन्दा बढी काँचो इँटा नष्ट भएको छ । लुम्बिनी इँटा व्यवसायी सङ्घ भैरहवाका अनुसार तीन दिनअघि आएको वर्षाले रूपन्देहीका ५२ वटा इँटा उद्योगका दुई करोड ६० लाख गोटाभन्दा बढी पोल्न तयार काँचो इँटा गलेर नष्ट भएका हुन् । वर्षाका कारणले गलेर ईट्टा...While about 80-100 ethnic languages are spoken in this country of 7000 islands, there are eight major mutually unintelligible regional languages spoken – Pilipino/Tagalog (29.6%), Cebuano (24.2%), Ilocano (10.3%), Ilonggo (9.2%), Bicolano (3.5%), Waray (4%), Kapampangan (2.8%), and Pangasinanes ( A.Health Status: Morbidity and Mortality A dearth of scientific data on older Filipino Americans exists primarily because health data on Asians are difficult to disaggregate, because of the inconsistencies in coding race and ethnicity in research projects (Yoon & Chien, 1996), and because only a handful of researchers are focusing their research on Filipinos.


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