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Niall matteer and erica cerra dating

Neil and I have become really good friends and we joked around the entire time we were filming ‘Liftoff.’ That was important because if either of us were in there with someone we didn’t get along with it would have been hell, especially because it was very hot in that capsule.

You’d think we would have been at each others’ throats, but we weren’t.

Sciatica can be difficult, otherwise I have been very fortunate," she explained.

"Ultrasounds are probably my favorite - being able to see my little one.

In Zane’s case he has slipped a bit back into his old smart alec ways and, while not committing any more crimes, is not quite the model Eureka citizen or Global Dynamics employee.

In the season 4.5 opener “Liftoff” he takes a shortcut when helping repair an old space capsule, which puts him and Douglas Fargo in danger when the capsule is accidentally launched into space with them onboard.

His character is introduced in the season one episode “E=MC…?

” having been arrested for crashing the New York Stock Exchange.

Despite the occasional lapse, he has managed to stay on the straight and narrow for the past five years.

We just had a blast the entire time and I’m very pleased with how that episode turned out.

“When I watched the final product you could see how much Neil and I were into our characters.

“Right out of the gate with ‘Liftoff’ I was faced with the challenge of discovering Zane’s fear and playing that in a very realistic way,” notes the actor.

“I had to try not to make fun of the character but actually embrace the fact that he’s legitimately scared for his life, because I don’t think someone like him encounters that too often.


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