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Non christin guy dating christian girl

Patsy Ramsey was a former beauty queen, but I doubt that she foresaw the tragic end to their story.

“Today, hundreds of thousands of children participate in pageants.

The modern child pageant industry includes over 25,000 pageants and brings in over a billion dollars per year.

The pageant world is obsessed with physical perfection and the parents of these children will go to great lengths to secure the crown for their daughters.” (source) I am trying to address something that has been on my mind and heart for years since that weekend at the convention. Whoever sows to please their flesh, from the flesh will reap destruction; whoever sows to please the Spirit, from the Spirit will reap eternal life.

From the littlest tots to the teen girls, all were decked out with heavy make-up, sparkles, fake eyelashes, and racy outfits that mirrored NFL cheerleaders.

More than a few of one group at one point lay in the aisles with their legs up in the air doing splits (stretching), exposing themselves without a second thought.

e have become such a narcissistic society that we have stopped being intentional somewhere along the way!

Much of our striving has to do with how cute we can be and the attention we can gain.

(PS – I know there are moms and schools that really do not push the girls to the limits and have reasonable cheerleading routines and outfits…NOT speaking of these in this post.

Many of these children enter their first pageants as toddlers, even infants.

Before they can even walk, they are dressed up in sequins and wear heavy make-up to compete for cash and crowns.

Even a small exposure to something that awakens them to thinking about appearances or sexuality before it is necessary draws them into un-wholesome comparisons.

TV is filled with actresses that spend hours with make-up artists and seldom look like that on a day to day basis, but a child’s mind doesn’t have the discernment to understand that.


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