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Existing mainly as a cautionary tale, you might also recognise Funda from Calvin Harris music videos or adverts for cosmetic surgery. Francis’ Lithuanian intern Agne Motiejunaite will be a familiar face for diehard fans, but that didn’t stop her getting the chop at the end of the first season. Now more famous for being the daughter of “Sir Shifty” Philip Green, Topshop heiress Chloe Green had a brief stint on the show as Ollie Locke’s girlfriend. Although she wins extra points for having the best name out of anyone on MIC ever, Gabilicious loses all of those points for having absolutely no discernible effect on any plotline of any episode she appeared in. Was Kimberley Gardner the most objectified cast member in MIC history?Another of the Made In Chelsea old guard who ended up being pretty useless, the entire series kicked off with a party thrown by Amber for her new jewellery line. The fact she was introduced with literally just a lingering shot of her arse suggests so. Introduced as part of a trio to rival the “lost boys” of old, he fell by the wayside to charming Andy Jordan and cheeky Stevie Johnson.You can find more information in wiki sites about her early life in brief. Josh and Alexandra were in a relation for almost one year.Twenty-Six years old stunning lady Felstead has a sister and brother. Binky started dating in 2013 Alex Mytton in series 7 Made in Chelsea star, and they got split in 2014 after his boyfriend cheated on her. She moved on with her life after breaking up with Made in Chelsea show star Josh Patterson ‘JP’.Alexandra is a hot lady with attractive body figure.

She’s allegedly dated Leonardo Di Caprio since, though, so she probably doesn’t give a shit what you think.She has a sign of being a billionaire in further years. She has a beautiful body with the measurements are 34-24-35 inches and 1.7m height tall.Felstead belongs to White/Caucasian ethnicity with The Britain nationality.Unsurprisingly, Kimberly left after just one season. Just sort of , Sam was the awkward third wheel of the group – and after a bumbling love subplot with Cheska, he bowed out from the show. He was Phoebe’s ex-boyfriend who came in as Proudlock’s mate in 2013.Then, you know, was dropped from the show without warning eight episodes later. Oh yeah, this is the guy who threw a hissy fit because Binky didn’t want to date him. When the only thing remotely interesting about you is that you’re a Personal Trainer, it means you’re probably not suited for a career on the TV.After she had completed her school, Binky started working as a receptionist for a hedge fund company in London.Her teenage life didn’t go well as she got bullied by society and mates reasoning her parent’s divorce.In 2011 Binky started her career joining the cast of E4 structured reality series ‘Made in Chelsea’ along with her housemate Cheska Hull.The show got a huge success, and suddenly they became popular stars in front of viewers.She also has a business of her cosmetic product Binky London.In 2015 The Made in Chelsea star had made an estimated net worth of £1.4 million.


  1. Francesca Hull is an actress, known for Charlie Brooker's 2011 Wipe 2011, Made in Chelsea NYC 2014 and Made in Chelsea 2011. Francesca Hull at an event for The Amazing Spider-Man 2012 Francesca Hull at an event for War Horse 2011 Francesca Hull. Episode dated 11 January 2013 2013. Herself.

  2. May 30, 2017. Cheska, who left the show back in 2014 after such classic moments as the 'f**king fat turkey' escapade, was reunited with best friends Ollie Locke and Binky at the baby shower of all baby showers. After slyly ditching her champers for orange juice, Cheska admitted to her friends that she and boyfriend Tom.

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