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Panasonic epg not updating

Its interactive menus are generated entirely within local receiving or display equipment using raw scheduling data sent by individual broadcast stations or centralized scheduling information providers.

A typical IPG provides information covering a span of seven or 14 days.

Raw listings data for the service was supplied via satellite to participating cable systems, each of which installed a computer within its headend facility to present that data to subscribers in a format customized to the system's unique channel lineup.

The EPG Channel would later be renamed Prevue Guide and go on to serve as the de facto EPG service for North American cable systems throughout the remainder of the 1980s, the entirety of the 1990s, and – as TV Guide Network or TV Guide Channel – for the first decade of the 21st century.

Scandinavia also is a highly innovative EPG market.

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An IPG allows television viewers and radio listeners to navigate scheduling information menus interactively, selecting and discovering programming by time, title, channel or genre using an input device such as a keypad, computer keyboard or television remote control.STV/Onsat, a print programming guide publisher, introduced Super Guide, an interactive electronic programming guide for home satellite dish viewers.The system was the focus of a 1987 article in STV Magazine.Online TV Guides are becoming more ubiquitous, with over 7 million searches for "TV Guide" being logged each month on Google.For television, IPG support is built into almost all modern receivers for digital cable, digital satellite, and over-the-air digital broadcasting.Electronic program guides (EPGs) and interactive program guides (IPGs) are menu-based systems that provide users of television, radio and other media applications with continuously updated menus displaying broadcast programming (TV listings in the UK) or scheduling information for current and upcoming programming.Some guides also feature backward scrolling to promote their catch up content. Non-interactive electronic program guides (sometimes known as "navigation software") are typically available for television and radio, and consist of a digitally displayed, non-interactive menu of program scheduling information shown by a cable or satellite television provider to its viewers on a dedicated channel.The guide information was distributed by satellite using the home owner's dish as the receiver.The information was stored locally so that the user could use the guide without having to be on a particular satellite or service.In 1981, United Video Satellite Group launched the first EPG service in North America, a cable channel known simply as The Electronic Program Guide.It allowed cable systems in the United States and Canada to provide on-screen listings to their subscribers 24 hours a day (displaying programming information up to 90 minutes in advance) on a dedicated cable channel.


  1. A more modern form of the EPG, associated with both television and radio broadcasting, is the interactive electronic program guide IPG.

  2. Electronic Program Guide. everything about EPG xmlTV, WebEPG, dvb-EPG WebEPG. We give away MediaPortal for free but hosting and software is not for us.

  3. Explore the Panasonic DMR-HWT230 - HDD. By using the new Panasonic Remote Recording Service, you can navigate and search on the EPG and set timer-recordings of.

  4. Next-level TV recorders. by Bennett. Each PVR was connected to a 60-inch Panasonic. and promises to deliver a “state-of-the-art Electronic Program Guide”.

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