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Peavey amp dating

It is available in a 60 watt 1x12 combo (Called 6505 112), of which the internal circuitry is identical to that of the head, with exception of using 2 instead of 4 6L6GC powertubes an additional 3-spring reverb. This version is identical to the 6505 , but uses EL34 tubes instead of 6L6GC tubes in the power section.

Since Van Halen and Peavey parted ways in 2004, the name of the model was changed to Peavey 6505, with Van Halen taking the 5150 name for his company, EVH, to name his 5150 III amplifier.

Both the 5150 and the 6505 are well known for its high gain overdrive channel, and has seen widespread use by rock, hardcore and metal guitarists.

An early breakthrough was its use by Colin Richardson and Andy Sneap, two "seminal" British producers of heavy metal; especially Machine Head's Burn My Eyes (1994) helped the 5150 gain a reputation for its sound, which "defined a generation of guitar tone".

Since tube-amps are still uncontested in music amplification as far as tonal quality is concerned, (see hard-clipping) the optimal setting for tubes are when they are pushed to natural distortion (i.e.

Increases in "volume" or Bells(d B).) Thus, by allowing such a heavy amount of gain to be applied without sacrificing tonal definition, the amplifier could then be pushed due to the "colder" biasing requiring more current, versus a "hotter" setting from the beginning (volume knob or potentiometer knob "value of 1.") While able to stand among modern technology as a relatively "simple" design, especially in comparison to boutique "hand-wired" variants, the reliability and era its inception welcomed helped verify its cultural significance in Hard Rock, later Metal, as a unique product with a unique tone.


  1. Peavey Classic series amps. The Classic series amps have got to be one of the best working man's amps ever built. For a production made amp they are built well and sound great. These amps are fixed bias and use EL84 power tubes. They provide a crisp, warm tone when using tubes with a moderate natural plate current.

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