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Peavey amp dating

Switching channels can be done both via the front panel of the amp, or with the remote footswitch.The 6505 is a second version of the 6505 and is identical to the 5150II.Although some players believe that the 5150 (particularly the "block letter 5150") to be better-sounding than the 6505, the only difference is that the original 5150s shipped with higher quality tubes.However, these tubes have most likely been replaced, as they are now over 20 years old.

Hartley Peavey founded Peavey Electronics, one of the world's largest manufacturers and suppliers of musical and professional audio equipment, in 1965, having built his first amplifier in 1957.The 6505 was named in celebration of Peavey's 40th anniversary (1965–2005).Several aspects of the amplifier, likely responsible for its success, are its rigid construction and reliability, excellent frequency response (largely attributable to the vacuum tube amplification), and clarity with heavy gain, a feature generally synonymous with the amplifier's image in its market demographic.It also features only one input, unlike the 6505, which had two.There are bias testpoints on the back, making changes to the tubes easier.A defining attribute largely responsible for the 5150 sound is the fixed bias.Commonly described analog a car engine and its respective idle, the 5150 bias was set to a lower value (lower engine "idle") which resulted in the Power Tubes running at a lower energy commonly known as "cold-biased." While the electrical theory behind this can easily be examined and theoreticized, the 5150 and its configuration resulted in a more controllable gain setting (i.e.The 6505 is the base model of the series, and is identical to the 5150, with exception of the stock tubes and its name.It has five 12AX7 tubes in the preamp, and four 6L6GC tubes in the power section.Since tube-amps are still uncontested in music amplification as far as tonal quality is concerned, (see hard-clipping) the optimal setting for tubes are when they are pushed to natural distortion (i.e.Increases in "volume" or Bells(d B).) Thus, by allowing such a heavy amount of gain to be applied without sacrificing tonal definition, the amplifier could then be pushed due to the "colder" biasing requiring more current, versus a "hotter" setting from the beginning (volume knob or potentiometer knob "value of 1.") While able to stand among modern technology as a relatively "simple" design, especially in comparison to boutique "hand-wired" variants, the reliability and era its inception welcomed helped verify its cultural significance in Hard Rock, later Metal, as a unique product with a unique tone.


  1. Peavey Classic series amps. The Classic series amps have got to be one of the best working man's amps ever built. For a production made amp they are built well and sound great. These amps are fixed bias and use EL84 power tubes. They provide a crisp, warm tone when using tubes with a moderate natural plate current.

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