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The Di SC profile, published by Wiley, is a non-judgemental tool used for discussion of people's behavioral differences.If you participate in a Di SC program, you'll be asked to complete a series of questions that produce a detailed report about your personality and behavior.Di SC profiles help you and your team: The Di SC assessment is easy to take.With the newer Everything Di SC profiles, people are responding to a phrase instead of a single word.Analysis of the data found those lower in emotional stability, higher in extraversion and lower on agreeableness, conscientiousness and intellect were more accepting of unethical consumer behavior and shoplifting.“My results suggest dishonest consumer behavior is narrowly associated with how unpleasant and disorganized you are; separate to this, people who commit fraudulent crimes associated with benefiting at the expense of the seller may simply be younger and more outgoing so carried away by the moment.”Of the 114 sampled, 68 had never shoplifted, 30 had shoplifted more than a year ago, and 16 had shoplifted within the past year.The active shoplifters were significantly younger than the inactive shoplifters and those who had never shoplifted.

The Di SC model provides a common language that people can use to better understand themselves and adapt their behaviors with others - within a work team, a sales relationship, a leadership position, or other relationships.

More insight about INTJ jobs can be found in our Introduction to Type and Careers.

An INTJ will typically become stressed in the situations shown in this MBTI type head illustration.

Get more information about the questionnaires Our customers include Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, non-profits, government agencies, educational institutions, churches, leadership coaches, HR consultants, health care centers, financial institutions, building trades, and individuals.

INTJ people are often able to define a compelling, long-range vision, and can devise innovative solutions to complex problems.


  1. The Big Five Personality Traits aer Neuroticism, Extroversion, Agreeableness, Conscientiousness and Openness to Experience.

  2. It reminded me of a personality profile I have seen many times before;. in fact, a quality that managements look for in the pilot personality.

  3. After solving the personality test, you can fill your profile by adding. The personality test by SilverSingles is based on the popular. best-dating -sites.

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