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The Exchange Administration Center (EAC) provides a streamlined, optimized interface for management of on-premises, online, or hybrid deployments.

The EAC in Exchange 2013 replaces the Exchange Management Console (EMC) and the Exchange Control Panel (ECP) in Exchange 2010.

Additionally, users can use the following features: Currently, most users and IT departments manage their voice mail separately from their email.

Voice mail and email exist as separate inboxes hosted on separate servers accessed through the desktop for email and through the telephone for voice mail.

They can: Unified Messaging requires that you integrate your Exchange Server deployment with the existing telephony system for your organization.

A successful deployment requires you to make a careful analysis of your existing telephony infrastructure and to perform the correct planning steps to deploy and manage voice mail in Unified Messaging.

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Large enterprises with complex network and telephony environments, multiple business units, or other complexities will require more planning than smaller organizations with relatively straightforward Unified Messaging needs.

Unified Messaging makes it possible for Exchange administrators to combine voice messaging and email messaging into one mailbox so their users can listen to their voice mail messages in their Inbox or by using Outlook Voice Access from any telephone.

It uses the Exchange store for both email and voice messages.

However, new features have been added and there have been architectural changes.

Unified Messaging is now considered a component or sub feature of the voice-related features that are offered in Exchange 2013.


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  5. Dec 08, 2016 United States English. from a mobile phone with Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync set up. Exchange 2013 Unified Messaging offers administrators

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