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Holz, Marechal, and Raynal observe, "From an attacker's viewpoint, a Web application is an interesting target for several reasons.

First, the quality of the source code as related to security is often rather poor, as numerous bug reports show...

After reviewing the fundamentals of a typical attack, we will go on to describe the trends we have observed and to describe the research methods that we currently use to observe and monitor these threats.

In Appendix A, we give actual examples of a bot (a variant of PERL/Shellbot), the Lupper worm and an attack against a web Content Management System (CMS) as examples that show how web application threats actually act and propagate.

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By their nature, web applications are often widely accessible to the Internet as a whole meaning a very large number of potential attackers.Just about anything related to dating site scripts Built on a powerful API architecture, you can extend the dating site script and build on it using our Open API system to even create your own dating website apps.Solid Backend that Powers Under the Hood The Best Dating Script that is Very Developer Friendly The only best dating site script with both plugin & theme developer documentation and Mobile API documentation to build your own dating website apps.The estimates are obtained by checking the number of Google search results returned for a given page in a website, for example searching for '"powered by PHPBB" inurl:viewtopic.php' suggests there are around 1.5 million installations of PHPBB indexed by Google.Because typical web applications are relatively immature code in terms of software life-cycle, a large number of vulnerabilities are regularly being discovered.Add a little extra cash with this additional revenue opportunity, while your users feel the Super Power advanced functionalities. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using it also.Dating Framework is the only Dating script in the market that has this powerful feature integrated in the most seamless manner.Coming up first in the search is the only way to get noticed by everyone in that area.To get a spotlight or to rise up in a search, your users will need to buy a type of virtual currency (credits) from you.Another factor is the applications' complex setup" [Holz06].Many different vulnerabilities have been discovered in web applications, leading SANS to include web applications as the number one cross-platform attack target in their 2006 survey: "Applications such as Content Management Systems (CMS), Wikis, Portals, Bulletin Boards, and discussion forums are being used by small and large organizations.


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