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Problem updating avira antivirus

Optionally, between steps 3 and 4 above, you could customize anything else you want according to the relevant instructions.

Finally, if you get an updated ubcd iso image by following the above steps, then you can appropriately burn it to an optical media. The "Update" button in the Avira UI doesn't actually work from a burned CD.

I suppose the servers are crowded now because of Avira's ten year anniversary promotions, but before version nine that was a chronic problem with the free version.

They used to have a pinned topic in the forum about it but it's not there anymore.

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id=135I didn't go into safe mode, just did a normal uninstall, ran the registrycleanup from their page and then reinstalled.Safe mode would be something else to try tho if needed. Likely unrelated to the issue, but Avira has had problem with overloaded servers past day or two, so the updates take very long to come in.Yesterday it tried connecting to several update servers for about 10 minutes. Yes, probably unrelated since the original post is kind of old. Today, I DLed and installed PC Tools' Antivirus, but it told me the same damn thing again: 'The virus database could not be downloaded.What antivirus and what antimalware do you have installed and what comes up when you run a scan with them? If you're running Anti Vir, a third possibility is that you need to properly uninstall it to fix this problem. OK, so I recently encountered some problems with Avira Anti Vir: the VDs just wouldn't update! However, I specifically reinstalled my entire security apparata afterward to make sure it recognized the new setup. It isn't the firewall; there are no block alerts, no popups asking me to block or allow the AV to download. It can only be updated manually by downloading its definition files. If that doesn't help I would look into two things, an infection or a problem with your firewall. Afraid of a glitch or something, I uninstalled Antivir and tried Comodo's IS suite. Now, I recently did change my DNS server IPs, coz the old IPs were pinging false. I try also installing some anti-spyware but still cannot update thru internet automatically.But it's solution is still a good idea--schedule updates when server traffic is low in Germany/Europe.I have mine set for 9 PM Central time (GMT -6), which is about 3 AM in Germany, and have not had a problem with crowded servers. Software Informer was another software that freaked out on me like this. Please check your internet connection and try again'. Avira is not updating, spybot search & destroy cannot also updated. Please check your internet connection and try again.' This on a 24/7 broadband connection with 2 mb/s speed. I tried using hijackthis by trendmicro, it sees that mcafee still running in service but i have already uninstalled it.


  1. Antivirus not updating. an infection or a problem with your firewall. What antivirus and what antimalware do you. but Avira has had problem with.

  2. Learn how to fix these Avira Antivirus runtime errors quickly and. Avira Antivirus has encountered a problem and needs to. and manually updating drivers.

  3. If I remember correctly and I'm not sure I am, when using Avira, you have the option to use English language by clicking on the relevant flag.

  4. Jul 19, 2008 Unfortunately, my pc was recently infected and it is bad. After going through a few antivirus/spyware/malware programs, things have improved slightly, but there.

  5. Avira has encountered a problem and. Another program is in conflict with Avira Antivirus Premium. Microsoft is constantly updating and improving.

  6. Avira dont update. Hello all. i cant. i had the same problem when i had it. yeah you can manual do it but then a few days later it. my Avira antivirus updated.

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