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Problem updating itunes

A full list of supported file types can be found here.

Occasionally, the 'i Tunes Music Library.xml' is generated with a slightly different name to what Serato DJ is looking for.

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This file is 'i Tunes Music Library.xml' and it lives in the i Tunes folder.If you're not using Serato DJ 1.9.x or above, this could just be the software you're using.We've been working hard over time on improving and expanding the library size that the software can handle without crashing, the older the software is, the smaller library it can handle before crashing - so make sure you're running the latest version of Serato DJ, you can download this here.As mentioned above, when the i Tunes library is loaded into Serato DJ, we take the track data from the 'i Tunes Music Library.xml' and write this to the Serato database, and .crate files (this occurs when i Tunes files are added to crates) If you move the location of your i Tunes library, the file location won't be updated in Serato DJ straight away, so the first time you open Serato DJ after moving the i Tunes library you'll probably notice a large chunk of (or potentially all of) your i Tunes library is showing duplicates in Serato DJ.This is because Serato Dj is seeing two copies of the same file from separate locations.What this does is when you send your i Tunes library to i Cloud, it scans the metadata information and audio fingerprinting to find a copy of the same file on Apples' servers (this is actually really beneficial if your library is full of low-quality audio files as they're replaced with 256kbps AAC files of the same song and allows you to easily sync your library across devices) HOWEVER, this replaces the existing file on your computer with a copy of the file from Apple servers, meaning your cue points,flips, beat grid info, saved loops and just about all other tags will be gone.If you do not have a backup of your i Tunes library from before this happened, you'll need to reset your tags as there is no way to recover this information.However, by loading a third party library into Serato DJ there are a few issues you may run into, and we've outlined these below, but before reading any further, make sure you've checked out our troubleshooting i Tunes article first.Apple Music is a music streaming service that is exclusive to i Tunes and IOS devices.If you've been a dedicated i Tunes user for a long time, the i Tunes library integration is a great way to bring your music library into Serato DJ in a way that is familiar and easy to navigate with very little library upkeep.Any changes made in i Tunes will be reflected in Serato DJ so you won't be maintaining two libraries.


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