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Quail horses dating friends age people

Among these was making the thanksgiving a strategic, dynamic force in his message.

In our ministry efforts, are we striving to work together in harmony?Consider taking time today to hunt down paper, an envelope, a stamp, and a pen and bless a fellow believer’s life with a prayerful note.Perhaps you can write about a way in which your friend’s faith has encouraged you.In fact, his tone is confident and expectant, because his hope for the Corinthians is rooted firmly in the unwavering faithfulness of God.Despite all their problems, Paul knows that in the end, they will be declared blameless on the day of Jesus’ return.When children misbehaved or exasperated them, was it okay to scream at them?Every parent can relate to the occasional frustration caused by their child’s actions and attitude—and as a spiritual father, Paul felt this toward his beloved church in Corinth (,15).These God-given gifts are evidence of the faith within us and of our relationship with Him.We are not to sit aimlessly waiting for Christ’s return, but rather we should be serving Him with the abilities He has given us. Notice the dynamic here: while we are remaining faithful, God is keeping us “firm” in our faith so we do not stumble and sin. If not, can you find a way to exercise those abilities as you wait for His return?Yet in this letter to the Corinthians, which we’ll study this month, Paul sent a message that is paternal and firm but never harsh or screeching. The problems in the Corinthian church—including disunity, pride, misuse of spiritual gifts, and abuse of the Lord’s Supper—were serious indeed.In the opening portion of this letter Paul remains realistic in his appraisal of the Corinthians’ spiritual life and practice, but he does not play the part of the scolding father.


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